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    What is...
    Recently, Linux has been adopted widely by many users because of the properties of stability, open source, and free charge. In the mean while, the development of Linux is supported by many large international companies and the function in Linux is not inferior to Windows so that Linux OS is more and more popular and accepted. In the other hand, the hardware requirement that Linux OS can works in embedded system smoothly is not high, just only 386 CPU or better and 8 MB RAM. Therefore except Win CE of Microsoft, Linux has been already another good choice in embedded OS.

    For this reason, the LinCon-8000 Embbeded Controller has been published to be a new generation product from ICP DAS and the Embedded RT-Linux OS has been adopted into the LinCon-8000. The main purpose of LinCon-8000 is to allow the numerous enthusiastic Linux users to control their own embedded system easily within the Linux Environment.



    The LinCon-8000 gives users all of the best features of both traditional PLCs and Windows capable PCs. The LinCon-8000 includes a VGA port allowing users to choose a regular LCD monitor for display of HMI application, USB port to connect with USB device for storage or touch monitor, Compact Flash memory for storage of program and data, and PS/2 ports for Keyboard and Mouse. The figure is the general application for LinCon-8000.
    [ Development Environment ]
    LinCon SDK :
    ICP DAS provides the library file - libi8k.a which includes all the functions of the I-7000/8000/87k series modules. Users just install LinCon SDK in Windows PC, the cygwin environment will be established automatically and users can develop LinCon-8000 applications easily by GNU C Language. Otherwises, users can also use Java to develop LinCon applications.

    Note: Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows

    [ Built-in Server ]
    Web Server, Tomcat Server :
    Through these servers, users active web pages can be placed in the LinCon and make LinCon be a Web Site.
    Ftp Server, Telnet Server, SSH Server:
    Through these servers, users can remote control and transfer files with LinCon by encrypting mode.
    UPnP allows automatic discovery and control of services available on the network from other devices without user intervention.

    [ Supported Communication ]
    Wireless LAN, PPP over Modem, GPRS, Ethernet, Dual LAN,
    LinCon can be connected to internet by Wireless, Modem, Gprs or Ethernet method and users can also combine two LAN via LinCon.
    VxComm :
    With VxComm Server in the LinCon, users can remote control RS-232/422/485 COM ports in the LinCon via users’ PC.
    Expansion serial ports :
    With the I-8000 communication modules, LinCon-8000 can handle up to 30 serial ports.
    Support USB to Serial Converter --- 7560、7561 、7563 :
    When 7560/61/63 converter module is plugged in the LinCon, the additional com port will be added in the LinCon including RS-232/485.

    [ Supported Protocol ]
    CAN Bus Network, Industrial Modbus TCP/RTU :
    Through these BUS support, the control process will be more rapid, stable and easier.

    [ Security ]
    Firewall, NAT :
    Firewall is also supported in the LinCon, therefore the security will be promoted.
    Unique Serial Number:
    As soon as “Unique Serial Number” added in users’ program, then users’ program will be locked for this LinCon.
    Virtual Private Network lets network communication with secure remote access for client computers.

    [ Java ]
    JVM, JIOD( Java I/O Driver) :
    Users can also use Java Language to Write/Compile l/O program in the LinCon.

    [ Interpreter ]
    Perl, PHP :
    The program written by Perl and PHP interpret language can be also executed in the LinCon.

    [ DataBase ]
    Support MySQL Server and connectivity to ERP

    [ GUI ]
    GTK+ Library
    Users can write LinCon GUI programs by using GTK+ library.

    [ Real-Time ]
    Real-Time Clock
    Through Real-Time Clock in the LinCon, Real-Time Control can be achieved to be 1 ms at least.

    [ Other ]
    USB WebCam :
    When WebCam is plugged in the LinCon, the video will show by using built-in video program.
    RAM Disk :
    Users’ programs can be saved in three places of LinCon including : RAM, Compact Flash, Flash Memory
    Resolution : 32 bit 800 x 600, 16 bit 1024 x 768
    There are two resolution mode supported in the LinCon.
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