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FRnet is an innovative industrial field bus that has many special features, such as high-speed deterministic I/O control, real I/O synchronization capabilities, non-protocol communication, and easy programming. If the user finds the complexity of Ethernet, CAN, Profibus or other field bus systems to be difficult, then they should love FRnet. FRnet products can be widely used, from low-end non-CPU I/O systems to high-end control systems, such as PC-based, PLCbased and PAC-based control systems.
Non-CPU I/O system
Our FR I/O modules can be used to implement a long-distance I/O extension system. Reduced cabling, easy installation, reduced labor costs, and high reliability can be easily achieved. Refer to the literature related to MagicWire for more detailed information.
FR-32P Fr-32R
PC-based system
Since windows is a multi-tasking system, it is very difficult to implement a real-time control system, especially when most of the CPU power is consumed by image and motion cards, and the remainder is not sufficient to handle I/O control. An FRnet control board combined with FRnet I/O modules can help solve the problems faced by system designers. The FRB-200U is an FRnet communication board that can be used as a light-duty controller. For heavy-duty control applications. Refer to the literature related to the FRB-200U for more detailed information.
  PAC-based System
A PAC-based System is an alternative choice to a PC-based System. The ICPDAS WinCon-8000, LinCon-8000 and I- 8000 series modules are all Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) that use an I-8172 FRnet communication module to implement an FRnet network. Therefore an ICPDAS PAC can help to easily achieve high-speed deterministic I/O control. The I-7188EF is a £gPAC that has a built-in FRnet interface. Instead of using a hard disk, this PAC uses a flash disk and an embedded OS. Optional flash memory can record the status of all I/O events for a long period. All PACs can operate in a wide temperature range and in harsh industrial environments. Compared to traditional PLCs, ICPDAS PACs have better network capabilities, stronger high-speed distributed I/O (FR series I/O), cheaper analog I/O modules, cheaper motion control modules, and richer software tools. Refer to the literature related to WinCon-8000, LinCon-8000, I-8000, and I-7188 for more detailed information.
FR-2053T FR-32R
I-7188EF-016 FR-32R FR-32P FR-2057T

PLC Networking Solution
There are millions of PLC systems installed throughout the world. The best approach for networking them to an intranet or the Internet has become a hot topic, and has also become a major challenge facing system integrators. Different machines and equipment use different PLCs, and different PLC languages. Few people really understand the entire system architecture and the diverse control programs. But the if the system engineer chooses an ICPDAS MagicWire series product, than it can easily be used to network different PLC systems. Using MagicWire, the ICPDAS £gPAC can be used to connect existing PLC systems to the Internet or an Intranet. Refer to the literature related to MagicWire and I-7188EF for more detailed information.

  I-7188EF-016 MA-21 MA-22  
FR I/O module
The FR series I/O module has an FRnet interface, which can be used as a distributed remote I/O module or a MagicWire module. An FR I/O module is set as a remote I/O module by default. The User should select the correct settings to enable it to be a used as MagicWire module. The user can then easily daisy chain several FRnet modules together. FRnet modules can work with PC, PAC, £gPAC and PLC systems. Refer to the literature related to FR I/O modules and MagicWire for more detailed information.
MagicWire module
Two major applications for MagicWire modules are long-distance I/O extension and the networking of PLCs, PACs and embedded controllers. MagicWire modules include the MA series, MD series and FR series, and can be widely used, from low-end non-CPU I/O systems to high-end control systems, such as PAC, PC, PLC...etc. Refer to the literatures related to MagicWire module for more detailed information.
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