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Fieldbus is an industrial network system for real-time distributed control. It is a way to connect instruments in a manufacturing plant. Fieldbus works on a network structure which typically allows daisy-chain, star, ring, branch, and tree network topologies with many major advantages to all applications of automation. ICP DAS offers fieldbus products with different protocols for industrial applications.

ICP DAS provides wide range of fieldbus products, such as industrial Ethernet, CAN bus, ProfiBus, Hart... etc.

ICP DAS provides converters, gateways, PC based, remote I/O and PAC based solutions of Fieldbus. Users can choose different solutions depending on various field applications. For DevciceNet and CANopen protocol, we also have slave and master products. However, ICP DAS can offer the total solutions for users in one time.


ICP DAS has focus on Fieldbus products for several years and accumulate the rich development experience on CAN and PROFIBUS field. At the meantime, we also have finished various Fieldbus projects for our customers. For the software and hardware, we always provide the best to our customers. For the more detailed information‥


All softwares and tools in our products are free. There are various lib and actives for VB, VC, BCB and Delphi development environment. For SCADA software, we also provide InduSoft, LabView and DASYLab driver. These rich tools can help users to establish the system easily.


NAPOPC.CAN DA Server is a free OPC DA Server.The OPC Specification is based on the OLE, COM, and DCOM technologies developed by Microsoft for the Windows operating system.It is a standard and common interface of Windows O.S. to achieve the automation and control agreements, which provides the bridge between the hardware manufacturers and software developers. By using the NAPOPC.CAN DA server, the software engineers would develop their control systems by the familiar SCADA toolkit and any other software which supports OPC client functionality. The NAPOPC.CAN DA server supports almost all CAN series products. Users could apply a variety of CAN products of ICP DAS in the OPC server for their application.


Due to these industrial products are used in the harsh environment, DC/DC power supply to galvanically isolated bus drivers and photo-isolation protection on bus are built-in hardware design. Every product also provides 4KV ESD protection. In advance, all products of ICP DAS pass CE, FCC and etc verify.

ICP DAS supports customers by providing RoHS compliant products for many existing products together with new products. However in some OEM cases outside the scope of the RoHS Directive, we will also maintain normal supplies of lead-based products for customers placing their electrical and electronic equipment onto the market without EU. ICP DAS identifies lead-free RoHS compliant products using a unique part number and by adding a CR to the product name.
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