What is DCON protocol?



DCON protocol is a request/reply communication protocol for the I-7000/8000/87K series I/O modules. It defines a simple ASCII format protocol, like $AAN, $AASi6, #AAN, .., etc.. The hardware interface to access the I-7000/8000/87K series I/O modules can be devided to :

  • RS-232: I-8000 MCU with 8K232.exe firmware
  • RS-485: I-7000/87K series I/O modules and I-8000 MCU with 8K485.exe firmware
  • Ethernet: I-8000 MCU with 8KE10.exe firmware

    Even the I-7000/87K series I/O modules are not equipped with any Ethernet interface, by useing the I-7188E/8000E and the VxComm technique, you can still access them via the Ethernet.

    Note 1: I-8000 MCU includes 8410, 8411, 8810, 8811, 8430,8431, 8830, 8831, 8KE4, 8KE8.

    Note 2: 8000E menas I-8000 MCU equipped  an Ethernet port, such as 8430,8431, 8830, 8831, 8KE4, 8KE8.

    Note 3: The I-8000 and I-87K series I/O module can be plugged in the I-8000 MCU together.

    Note 4: When the I-87K series I/O module is plugged in the I-8000 MCU, it talks same commands as the I-8000 series I/O modules do.

    Note 5: I-87K series expansion unit includes 87K4, 87K5, 87K8, 87K9. 

    Note 6: The I-87K series I/O modules talk different command when  it is plugged in the I-8000 MCU and the I-87K expansion unit

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