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Air Pollution Monitoring and Alarm System
With a highly developed industry and the increased use of fossil energy, the quality of human life has been changed. The exhaust from the industrial parks have been verified containing many pollutants such as suspended particulates (PM10), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3), etc. The World Health Organization (WHO) has shown that air pollutants can be harmful to the human body. For the purpose of preventing exhaust pollution effectively, we will introduce an “Air pollution monitoring and alarm system” solution, so that the on-site operator can take immediate and effective measures when the pollutant reading is over the limited value, and to make sure the quality of working environment and people's health.
Products: Software: ISaGRAF, Soft-GRAF Studio
                Hardware: VP-25W7 + I-8212W-3GWA + I-87017RCW + I-87064W
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/root/support/app_stories_video/pdf/air_contamination_alarm_


HMI and Device Control on a Large Screen using a Small PAC
Looking for an affordable, high-quality solution for HMI and device control?
For many years, ICP DAS has continued to make steady progress by tailoring a wide variety of products targeted at individual industries in order to meet the needs of specific customers. Application fields now covered include industrial automation and control, transportation, educational institutions, government agencies, and so on. Consequently, with cost considerations in mind, ICP DAS has created a unique combination of perfect solutions that can be implemented in a wide range of applications.
Products: Software: ISaGRAF, Soft-GRAF Studio
                Hardware: WP-5147 + XW-Board + Modbus I/O
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/root/support/app_stories_video/pdf/low_cost_monitoring-e.pdf


Data Logging Solution
ICP DAS provides “Data Logging” solutions for a variety of industry sectors, including the related applications of recording temperature, humidity, voltage, current, pressure, flow, etc. This solution uses the powerful and flexible software - ISaGRAF, and combines with the VP-2xW7 (ISaGRAF PAC, supports WEB HMI) and the I-87055W (8 DI, 8 DO high profile module with Counter) to provide you a simple, fast and accurate data collection experience.
Products: ISaGRAF Software + VP-2xW7 PAC + I-87055W I/O Modules
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/pdf/Data_logging_e.pdf


New redundant communication mechanisms
ICP DAS releases two new redundant communication mechanisms for ISaGRAF PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) monitor/control system to implement RS-485 or Ethernet network communication redundancy. It increases the system efficiency, no more communication interruption, never fail the data transmission!
Products: WP-8xx7 + I-8142iW WP-8xx7 + NS-208
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/application%20story_test.htm


Water dams monitoring system
ICP DAS releases the effective VW sensor solution (Vibration Wire solution). This solution has been successfully applied in some water dams monitoring system near the city Wuhang in China . It is useful for measuring the stress of constructions like building, bridge, dam, etc..
Products: iP-8447 + I87089 + DN1618UB
Details: http://ftp.icpdas.com/pub/cd/wincon_isagraf/napdos/isagraf/wincon/ english_manu/faq091.pdf


German court refrigeration equipment monitoring system
24 refrigerators/freezers containing forensic material is being monitored for devastating temperature changes. It is monitored for increasing temperatures in connection wi h for instance opened doors (the dig al modules are monitoring this) on the cabinets. If predetermined values are exceeded in the software running on the controller an alarm goes off and sends e-mai and SMS messages to the recipients entered in the system.
Products: W-8339 / I-87053 / I-87018
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/application23/Application%20story%20of% 20W8339.pdf


Material Handling Equipment & System
For serial automation system in comparison with other competitors, the ICP DAS controllers can provide the following advantages:

1. Remote MCU: Even though Host PC crashed, remote motion and I/O control will normally work without motor over-thrust or collision.
2. Built-in CPU: Efficiency to control motion can be greatly improved.
3. Open network architecture: PC-based clients can easily introduce this system, which can greatly improve the developing schedule for software.
4. Star layout: In compliance with distributed architecture.
5. Space saving: In comparison with competitor’s products, the ICP DAS controllers can greatly reduce the installation space.

Products: I-8430 / I-8094F / FR-2053T / FR-2057T
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/i-8000/ICPDAS%20Automation% 20Controller%20for%20Equipment%20Transportation.pdf


Automated card park billing management system
With the growing necessity for adequate parking in urban areas these days, it is no surprise that many inner city parking facilities have turned to automated solutions; allowing reduced labor cost, increased profits, and less downtime. By offering a versatile, Windows based automation control solution; ICP DAS has effectively made it easier for automated parking consumers to control, track, and analyze pertinent information via a simple user interface!
Products: I-7188XAD / W-8331 / I-8114 / I-8054
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/7188/Automated%20Parking% 20Garage.pdf



China Steel Corporation Supervisory Control System and Surveillance
The application (Inside Hsinchu city’s busiest steel mill) would prove to be not only physically demanding on the controller, but would also place a great deal of accountability on the WinCON, in regards to precise industrial control, and vital data acquisition. Ideally, the system needed to be flexible in a multitude of aspects; capable of monitoring, and maintaining all vital manufacturing temperatures within the plant, as well as providing real time remote surveillance for both supervisory staff, as well as plant security.

Products: Hardware: WinCon-8739 + I-8017 I/O, NS-205 Ethernet Switch
  Software: InduSoft Web Studio

Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/wincon/steel%20mill.pdf


Saltec / Altamira Iron Ore Mining Facility Application Story
Recently, Saltec SA, an international leader in large scale surveying equipment, and industrial contracting solutions, has chosen to implement ICP DAS embedded controllers at the Altamira iron ore mining facility, in Southern Chile. Saltec has chosen to implement a series of ICP DAS I-7188XGD ISaGRAF powered embedded controllers. In this particular application, Saltec has implemented the I-7188XGD modules to control railway safety functions for the mining facility’s ore transport system. By using ICP’s I-7188XGD modules, Saltec is able to monitor and control an emergency “run-away track”, in the event of a brake failure of any of the facility’s locomotives.
Products: I-7188XGD
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/7188/saltec.pdf


Harris Ranch Beef Co. Application Summary
The W-8336 WinCON module to serve as an automated alarm controller, which allows the Quality Control Department to access and monitor the process in real time, using an internet explorer .IE web browser on their LAN network. When asked, Riley was ecstatic as to the overall performance and results of the product’s integration.
Products: WinCon-8000
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/wincon/harris.pdf


Aximetrix ™ Utilizes ICP DAS WinCON Controllers
Aximetrix specializes in motion control technologies. Their technical staff utilizes servomotors, steppers, and servo hydraulic technologies in various applications including: CNC milling, motion base simulators, glue dispensing applications, and hydraulic presses. The motion control integration division requires modules that are compact. Using the Wincon8000, they are able to control a laser scanning system with two servo motor axes.
Products: WinCon
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/wincon/aximetrix.pdf


Designing and Developing Mountain Unmanned Station Supervising System with Digital Microwave Circuit in Hangyongwen, Zhejiang province.
Here is an example for computer supervising system. The software for Supervisor Computer is developed by KingView Tools, and the slave one is developed by the library functions integrated with 7188 system.
Products: I-7188 + I-7041 + I-7067
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/application8/english/app8e.pdf

I-7000 Series Applied in Small Hydroelectric Power Stations.
This paper gives a brief introduction to the application of I-7000 series in the management of small hydroelectric power stations via telephone network.
Products: I-7188 + I-7052 + I-7067
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/application9/english/app9e.pdf
Reconfigurable 512 Channels of PWM Controller.
The PWM controller can provide the following functions:
• The frequency can be as low as 40 Hz
• The frequency can be as high as 2.5M Hz
• The high level of PWM is programmable
• The low level of PWM is programmable
• Every controller provides two independent channels of PWM output
• One PC can link to 256 PWM controllers max. in one RS-485 network. So there
are total 512 channels of PWM output.
Products: I-7188XC + X108
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/application11/application%2011.pdf
I-8817/8417 applied in Battery DAS, Alarm System & Building Automation.
Application Story Of ISaGRAF Embedded Controller Battery DAS
Products: I-8817 / I-8417
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/application14/ap_story.ppt
HVAC system with WinPAC
WinPAC overview
Live Demo
Earthquake Detection
Rotation of the Wheel
I/O Module and FRnet
PAC Film Broadcasting

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