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Remote I/O

Air Pollution Monitoring and Alarm System
With a highly developed industry and the increased use of fossil energy, the quality of human life has been changed. The exhaust from the industrial parks have been verified containing many pollutants such as suspended particulates (PM10), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3), etc. The World Health Organization (WHO) has shown that air pollutants can be harmful to the human body. For the purpose of preventing exhaust pollution effectively, we will introduce an “Air pollution monitoring and alarm system” solution, so that the on-site operator can take immediate and effective measures when the pollutant reading is over the limited value, and to make sure the quality of working environment and people's health.
Products: Software: ISaGRAF, Soft-GRAF Studio
                Hardware: VP-25W7 + I-8212W-3GWA + I-87017RCW + I-87064W
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/root/support/app_stories_video/pdf/air_contamination_alarm_


HMI and Device Control on a Large Screen using a Small PAC
Looking for an affordable, high-quality solution for HMI and device control?
For many years, ICP DAS has continued to make steady progress by tailoring a wide variety of products targeted at individual industries in order to meet the needs of specific customers. Application fields now covered include industrial automation and control, transportation, educational institutions, government agencies, and so on. Consequently, with cost considerations in mind, ICP DAS has created a unique combination of perfect solutions that can be implemented in a wide range of applications.
Products: Software: ISaGRAF, eLogger
                Hardware: WP-5147 + XW-Board + Modbus I/O
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/root/support/case_study/pdf/monitoring-e.pdf


Coping With Traffic Accidents through the Net
Tunnel has been regarded as a key roadway safety issue. The consequences of tunnel accidents tend to be much more serious because of the enclosed space, poor lighting, rapid expansion of heat and smoke, and the more complicated evacuation procedures. The worst thing is that sometimes the drivers do not know what happens in the tunnel and keep on moving into it; the lack of real-time access control results in difficulty in evacuation and delay on rescue. To help reducing the risk of accidents in tunnels - especially for long tunnels, it is critical to have a well designed emergency warning system that provides real-time monitoring and access control.
Products: ET-7000 series
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/pdf/Coping%20With%20Traffic% 20Accidents%20through%20the%20Net!.doc


Prologic Contents ® Chooses ICP DAS I-7000 Controllers
Prologic Controls® custom designs and manufactures electrical, electronic, and communication control panels. Their Integration and Fabrication divisions design specialized compressor control panels used by oil and gas companies to monitor pipeline pressure. The compressor control panels rely on thermocouples as sensors to read and transmit those temperature readings to the PLC (programmable logic controller). The temperature readings allow technicians to monitor pipeline pressure through various stages of compression, allowing the compressor to operate efficiently.
Products: I-7000 series
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/I-7000/prologic%20controls.pdf


Cognex ® Chooses ICP DAS I-7000 Controllers for Flexible, Reliable Control
Cognex® is the world’s leading supplier of machine vision systems, or computers that can “see.” Cognex’s Surface Inspection Systems Division (SISD) specializes in machine vision systems that are used for inspecting the surfaces of continuously manufactured materials, such as metals, paper, nonwovens, and plastics. Cognex’s SmartView® surface inspection system includes a pneumatically operated, retractable light beam.
Products: I-7000 series
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/I-7000/cognex%20case%20study.pdf


Johnson Controls ® Chooses ICP DAS I-7000 Controllers
Johnson Controls® produces environmental control systems for commercial buildings as well as car seats, interior systems, and batteries. The electronics testing requires modules that have stacking ability, compact size, and Din rail mounts. Additionally, they require modules that are easy to interact with. ICP DAS provided the quickest, simplest, most manageable solution to meet the needs of Johnson Controls.
Products: I-7000 series
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/I-7000/johnson%20controls% 20application%20story.pdf


Low Cost DCS Applied in the Process Automation of Cement Plant
Computer technology has been widely used in the production process automation of cement industry since its development in recent years. Many new built or reconstructed large or medium cement product lines have adopted Distributed Control Systems !DCS). However many small plants are still in the low level of technology. They depend heavily on the traditional instruments. Some of them monitor and control the process manually. All of these disadvantageous factors hinder them from improving product quality and quantity, saving energy and reducing consumption and being competitive. The cost of large scale DCS system is so high that these firms can't afford it. In order to solve these problems we have developed a new DCS system with lower cost, which has been implemented it in our plant.
Products: I-7000 series
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/application1/english/app1e.pdf


I-7000 Series Modules Applied in Wastewater Treatment
This system consists of 6 areas: old turbid water pump area, new turbid water pump area, clean water pump area 1, clean water pump area 2, new thermodynamical station and old thermodynamical station. The system requires many digital input signals, digital output signals, analog input signals and temperature signals. Totally seventy-seven I-7000 series modules were used in this system. There are 503 actual acquisition points, the field wiring reaches up to 800 meters. The system has the following features: real-time alert, history trend curve and reports etc.
Products: I-7000 series
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/application2/english/app2e.pdf


I-7000 Series Applied in the Alert System for IPE Equipment AA Flammable Gas
Based on the alert system for IPE equipment AA flammable gas, this paper gives a detailed analysis to the architecture and application features of I7000 series.
Products: I-7520 + I-7017
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/application3/english/app3e.pdf


Development of the lntelligent Voltage Monitor System for the 220KV Transformer Station.
The hardware and software design for the monitor of multiple"channel voltages in electric power station.
Products: I-7520 + I-7017
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/application4/english/app4e.pdf


The Automatic Control of the Heating System in Shangdi Zone
The first hi tech zone, The Shangdi Information Industry Zone, was stablished in Beijing China upon the approval from the State Science and Technology Commission and Beijing Municipal 'overnment. With information industry as the core business, it features R&D, manufacturing, trade, training and service etc.. The centralized heating system provides energy service for the local residents and enterprises in this zone. When the system runs in full capacity, it can meet the requirements for manufacturing, life, and heating, cooling within the. SKm square meters of the zone with a total of 2,000,000 square meters of building areas.
Products: I-7520 + I-7060 + I-7033 + I-7024
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/application5/english/app5e.pdf


I-7000 Series Modules Applied in Computer-based Remote Dispatching System for Thermoelectric Plant.
This paper introduces the application of I 7000 series modules in the dispatching system of a thermoelectric plant, and discusses some issues that should be noticed in utilizing the modules in real time industry.
Products: I-7520 + I-7017
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/application6/english/app6e.pdf

I-7000 Modules Applied in Primary Air and Coal Powder Monitoring.
When the operators optimi e the burning process for boilers, they must control primary air speed and the density of pulveri ed coal so as to keep the boiler in the best operating status, which has significantly impact on whether boiler can operate securely, economically and steadily.
Products: 7000 Series
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/application7/english/app7e.pdf

I-7000 Applied in the Control Equipment of Generator Excitation System.
The excitation control system is a very important component of the generator unit. Its performance directly determines the reliability of the generator operation. Typically distributed control system with multiple cabinets is used for excitation system of large and medium size generator units, therefore the change of status of switching relays in each cabinet will directly affect system operation. The shortcomings of conventional methods, including complex wiring among the cabinets, low reliability and the difficulty of service. I-7000 modules that communicate via RS-485 are capable of connecting 256 modules simultaneously, which makes the wiring and control very easy and reliable.
Products: I-7520 + I-7041 + I-7067
Details: http://www.icpdas.com/app_stories/application10/english/app10e.pdf

FRnet in Building Automation
(Multiple languages are supported now)
The Emergency Warning System of Tunnels (3.5MB)
The Emergency Warning System of Tunnels (3.5MB)

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