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C Language Based μPAC-5000 (MiniOS7 Inside)
The μPAC-5000 has a 16-bit CPU running a DOS like OS (called MiniOS7), communication ports of Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485 and one expansion bus to add one extra I/O board. Users can use C compilers to create 16-bit executable files (*.exe) to develop programs for μPAC-5000. The recommend free compilers are Turbo C 2.0 or Turbo C++ 1.0.1. There are many demo programs for reference. Beside that, for TCP/IP programming, we provide a TCP/IP server template that named XServer. It is a very powerful, easy use and flexible tool that can save 90% developing time.
Model Wireless Communication CPU Flash SRAM Memory Expansion Ethernet RS-232/RS-485
  μPAC-5001(D) 80 MHz 512 KB 512 KB microSD 10/100 BaseTX 1/1
  μPAC-5001(D)-FD MicroSD + 256 MB Flash
μPAC-5101(D) GPS microSD
μPAC-5101(D)-FD MicroSD + 256 MB Flash
  μPAC-5201(D) 2G (GPRS) microSD
  μPAC-5201(D)-FD MicroSD + 256 MB Flash
μPAC-5301(D) 3G (WCDMA) microSD
μPAC-5301(D)-FD MicroSD + 256 MB Flash
μPAC-5901(D) ZigBee (Full Function Device) microSD
μPAC-5901(D)-FD MicroSD + 256 MB Flash
Will be available
Available soon
Will be phased out
ISaGRAF Based μPAC-5000
ISaGRAF based μPAC-5000. The controller fully supports all five of the IEC61131-3 standard PLC languages:
1. Ladder diagram.
2. Function block diagram.
3. Sequential function chart.
4. Structured text.
5. Instruction List plus flow chart.
It supports DCON and Modbus protocol to link to remote I/O modules via the RS-232/485 or Ethernet.
Model CPU Flash SRAM Memory Expansion Ethernet Wireless Communication RS-232/RS-485
μPAC-5007(D) 80 MHz 512 KB 768 KB microSD + 512 KB Battery Backup SRAM 10/100 BaseTX 1/1
μPAC-5107(D) GPS
μPAC-5207(D) 2G (GPRS)
μPAC-5307(D) 3G (WCDMA)

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