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HMIWorks is the development software for the TouchPAD series, including TPD series and VPD series.
The main features of HMIWorks  
1. Support for a wide range of Widgets, Shorten Development Time
There are many widgets included in the HMIWorks development tool, including Rectangle, Ellipse, Text, Picture, Line, TextPushButton, Slider, BitButton, HotSpot, CheckBox, Label, Timer, PaintBox, ObjectList, providing the most commonly-used functions, such as drawings, event handlers, and timing control, which effectively shortens development time.
2. WYSIWYG Intuitive Design
What You See Is What You Get allows you to focus on what you want to do, not what you should do. By getting rid of the programming details and being more intuitive, everyone can easily finish their projects.
3. Built-in and Extensible Graphics Library
Graphics are easy to adapt, easy to expand, and easy to transform. HMIWorks supports graphics and provides users with a variety of built-in graphics for common situations. Users can also add their own graphics to the library by the common painting or photo editing softwares.
  4. C Language and Ladder Diagram Programming
5. Drag-and-drop, fully-integrated I/O Design
ICP DAS now supports many I/O devices, such as ET-7000/PET-7000 series Modbus TCP modules, M-7000 series Modbus RTU modules, I-7000 series DCON modules and user-defined third party Modbus TCP devices. Users can expect that additional I/O devices will be supported by HMIWorks for the TouchPAD series in the future.
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