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Before you download any program, please read the notes of each online program first to avoid the confused situation. The published date and indicated requirement of a program can help user to determine the compatibility for your XP-8000-Atom.


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If you get any problems caused by updating the XP-8000-Atom tools, please feedback to your local seller and ask essential help & sevices.
 XP-8000 Toolkit      HTTP     FTP
Version Last update Compatibility
V1.0.6 Apr. 2014 XP-8000-Atom/XP-8000

Include the XPAC Utility, system drivers and the PACSDK.

 DCON Utility      HTTP     FTP
Version Last update Compatibility
V5.2.0 May. 2011 XP-8000-Atom/ XP-8000

Utility for configuring I/O modules on XP-8000 or linked to COM ports and testing those I/O modules.

 NAPOPC_XPE DA Server     HTTP     FTP
Version Last update Compatibility
V1.16 Jan. 2012 XP-8000-Atom

Integrated tool for Modbus-OPC-ScanKernel.

 DCON_Utility_Pro      HTTP     FTP
Version Last update Compatibility Aug. 2014 XP-8x4x

DCON_Utility_Pro used for configuring I87K modules can be run on XPAC.

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