I/O Expansion  
  XP-8000/XP-8000-CE6 provides the following I/O expansion bus  
Local I/O Slot:
There are 0/1/4/8 slot options to expand local I/O. And the I/O modules can be parallel bus type (high profile I-8K series) and serial bus type (high profile I-87K series). The difference between them is
Item I-8K Series I-87K Series
Microprocessor No Yes (8051)
Communication interface Parallel bus Serial bus
Communication speed Fast Slow
DI latched function No Yes
Counter input (for digital input module) No Yes (100 Hz)
Power on value No Yes
Safe value No Yes
Programmable slew-rate for AO module No Yes
Parallel Bus I/O Module
(High Profile I-8K series)
Serial Bus I/O Module
(High Profile I-87K series)
Ethernet: (XP-8000/XP-8000-CE6 will support in the future)
The available Ethernet I/O devices are ET-6000, ET-7000, I-8KE4/8 and I-8KE4/8-MTCP. XP-8000/XP-8000-CE6 can access them with Modbus/TCP or DCON protocol.
ET-7000 ET-7260 I-8KE4/8-MTCP
XP-8000/XP-8000-CE6 is equipped with two RS485 COM ports which enable the transmission rate up to a maximum of 115.2 Kbps. The medium for connection is a twisted-pair, multi-drop, 2-wire RS-485 network that can link I-7000, M-7000, RU-87Pn and high profile I-87K modules.
I-7000 M-7000 RU-87Pn + I-87K modules
FRnet: (XP-8000/XP-8000-CE6 will support in the future)
FRnet is an innovative industrial field bus that has many special features, such as high-speed deterministic I/O control, real I/O synchronization capabilities, non-protocol communication, and easy programming. Pluging in a FRnet communication module (I-8172W), the XP-8000/XP-8000-CE6 can link FRnet I/O modules to implement high-speed distributed I/O.
FRnet communication module
CAN Bus: (XP-8000/XP-8000-CE6 will support in the future)
The Controller Area Network (CAN) is a serial communication way, which efficiently supports distributed real-time control with a very high level of security. It provides the error-processing mechanisms and concepts of message priority. These features can improve the network reliability and transmission efficiency. Furthermore, CAN supplies the multi-master capabilities, and is especially suited for networkingĦ§intelligentĦ¨ devices as well as sensors and actuators within a system or a sub-system. With I-8123, I-8124, I-87120, XP-8000/XP-8000-CE6 is able to demonstrate every feature of CAN, CANopen, and DeviceNet.
CAN Communication Module
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