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When you download the software programs, you should notice if the programs conform to your machine. The published date and indicated requirement of a program can help user to determine the compatibility for your WinPAC-8000. Before you download any program, please read the notes of each online program first to avoid the confused situation.


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  WinPAC-8000 SDK update  
User should consider the suitability over his application. If you gets any problems caused by updating the WinPAC SDK software, you should feedback to your local seller and ask essential help & sevices.
  WinPAC SDK  
 WinPAC SDK ( VS.Net )
File name Version Last update   Description
pacnet.dll Oct. 2012   SDK for accessing system
   resources and general I/O
pac_i8014W.dll +
pac_i8014WNet.dll Feb. 2013   for accessing I-8014W
pac_i8017HW.dll +
pac_i8017HWNet.dll Feb. 2013   for accessing I-8017HW
pac_i8024W.dll +
pac_i8024WNet.dll Feb. 2013   for accessing I-8024W
pac_i8084W.dll +
pac_i8084WNet.dll Feb. 2013   for accessing I-8084W
pac_i8093W.dll +
pac_i8093WNet.dll Feb. 2013   for accessing I-8093W
pac_i8088W.dll +
pac_i8088WNet.dll Feb. 2013   for accessing I-8088W
pac_i81728W.dll +
pac_i8172WNet.dll Feb. 2013   for accessing I-8172W
 WinPAC SDK ( eVC )
  Installation package: pac270_sdk_yyyymmdd.msi, where yyyymmdd is the platform SDK release date.
   Last update: Oct. 2017
   For installing the full components including the dll files below in SDK.

  Component libraries:
File name Version Last update   Description
pacsdk Dec. 2014   SDK for accessing system
   resources and general I/O
pac_i8017hw Feb. 2013   for I-8017HW
pac_i8024w Feb. 2013   for I-8024W
pac_i8084w Feb. 2013   for I-8084W
pac_i8088w Feb. 2013   for I-8088W
pac_i8093w Feb. 2013   for I-8093W
pac_i8172W Feb. 2013   for I-8172W
pac_i8093W Feb. 2013   for I-8093W
  NAPOPC_CE5 DA Server  
 NAPOPC_CE5 DA Server SDK ( VS.Net and eVC )     HTTP     FTP
Version Last update   Description
V2.31 Sep. 2011  
  NAPOPC_CE5 DA Server is an integrated omnibus software package which combines OPC, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU services, and Scankernel together.  
 nModbus SDK ( VS.Net )     HTTP     FTP
Version Last update   Description Aug. 2010 A .Net DLL to develop Modbus applications
  Programmers can use the DLL released by ICP DAS to develop a Modbus application for regular Windows based PCs or WinCE based devices.  
  WinCon Compatibility SDK  
 WinCon SDK ( VS.Net and eVC )     HTTP     FTP
Version Last update   Description Apr. 2010  
  SDK for backward compatible with WinCon applications  
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