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When you download the software programs, you should notice if the programs conform to your machine. Before you download any program, please read the notes of each online program first to avoid the confused situation.


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  OS images download  

Before you download the software programs, you should notice if the programs are compatible to your machine. Please read the notes first in each chapter you want before download programs.

Touch Panel driver
WinPAC-5000 provide drivers of PenMount, Egalax, and ELO touch panels (USB/RS-232). Please download the driver(s) to your WinPAC and double-click it to install the driver.
 Touch Panel driver download
  Support type Model
  PenMount USB TOUCH ADP-1080T-U
  PenMount Serial TOUCH ADP-1080T-R
  Egalax Serial TOUCH GA-700YY-UOM
  ELO USB TOUCH ELO USB touch panel
  ELO Serial TOUCH ELO RS-232 touch panel
How to upgrade OS image of WinPAC-5000
There are two methods to upgrade OS image of WinPAC-5000. The first one is to run installation package file on WinPAC and the second is to use Eshell.exe to upgrade OS image through Ethernet.

Installation package is easier to upgrade OS image, you just copy the package file(.exe) to WinPAC, double-click to run it and follow the instructions.

Eshell.exe runs on PC side (Windows OS) and downloads OS into WinPAC-5000 through local-area network. For detail information, please refer to the document as follows:

 Update OS manual
How to update os image by exe file v 1.0.0
How to update os image_by eshell through Ethernet v 1.0.0
 Eshell.exe download
  Eshell.exe v.

Note : User can check the OS image version by WinPAC Utility -> System Information-> OS version
  WP-5000 OS Image
  Version: (Released at Apr. 2015)
OS image update from file
(copy .exe to WP-5000 and run it)

  WP5000_20150427_Ver. (English)
WP5000_20150427_Ver. (Traditional Chinese)
WP5000_20150427_Ver. (Simplified Chinese)

  OS image update from eshell
  WP5000_20150427_Ver. (English)
WP5000_20150427_Ver. (Traditional Chinese)
WP5000_20150427_Ver. (Simplified Chinese)

New Features
  • Multi-language user interface for OS with multi-language keyboard layout
  • Provide SNMP protocol
  • Power management function
  • ActiveSync program to synchronize WinPAC with either a desktop PC
  • Two operation modes determined by the Rotary switch
  • XWboard support
  • .NET compact framework 3.5
  • SQL CE 3.5
  • DCOM
  • Standard SDK for Windows CE.NET
  • XML
  • FTP, Telnet, HTTP Server
  • ASP (Java script, VB script)
  • Modem, PPPoE, VPN
  • IE Browser
  • WatchDog Function

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