New release: M2M GPRS Remote Solution- Intelligent GPRS Remote Terminal Unit- GT-540, GT-540P
Intelligent GPRS RTU Unit
Intelligent GPRS RTU Unit with GPS
ICP DAS releases the new GT-540 Series which is intelligent Active GPRS Remote Terminal unit. The GT-540 series is a stand-alone with high cost-effective product and it was designed to suit most M2M GPRS applications. Within high performance 32 bits CPU, it fits to harsh industrial environment. The GT-540 Series also features a GPRS/GSM module, 6 Digital Inputs, 2 Digital Outputs, 1 Analog Input, 2 RS-232 ports, 1 RS-485 port and I Micro SD slot. The GT-540P provides additional GPS function. Besides its built-in I/O, up to 3 Modbus RTU devices can be linked to the RS-485 port. GT-540 Series provides two communication ways, one is transferring the local I/O, GPS, and Modbus devicesíŽ data via GPRS connection with the GPRS RTU protocol defined by ICP DAS. The GPRS RTU will automatically transfers data to remote M2M RTU Center by the defined period or DI/AI triggers. ICP DAS also provides multiple software including M2M RTU Center, M2M RTU Win32 API library and OPC server for RTU devices to easily build a system. The other communication method, the GT-540 Series send I/O data to specific e-mail address by e-mail.

Other than those functions described above, the simple I/O linkage function of the GT-540 series can reach the real time control in the local field. It also has I/O data logger function which save I/O and GPRS data in micro SD card. The GT-540 series also offers the external lithium battery for temporarily backup power while the main power source is failed.

For the software solution of GT-540 series, any remote monitoring system can be achieved easily and efficiently by using the M2M RTU API tool and M2M RTU center software. For SCADA system, the M2M.OPC server is provided to connect to SCADA by OPC interface.

Easy to Establish GPRS Network Applications
Applying the GT-540 series and M2M RTU center software, the dynamic IP addresses can be managed between them. The remote GPRS RTU devices would be connected to M2M RTU Center automatically. Therefore, all remote GPRS RTU devices can be managed by single centralized M2M GPRS RTU Center software with a fixed IP address.

Active data transmission
The GT-540 series with active I/O transmission mechanism raise the communication efficiency. Unlike the traditional polling communication, it would transfer the data by the defined time, DI triggers or AI Hi/Lo alarm. In addition to improve the way of communication, that can also reduce the AP burden.

Modbus RTU device connectivity
The GT-540 series is built-in Modbus RTU protocol which allows user to add up to 3 Modbus RTU devices on it, so that Modbus RTU devices can be used in GPRS remote system.

Simple Local I/O link Control
There are I/O built-in GT-540 Series. Therefore, these products can be the GPRS I/O devices. Expect for these local I/O data can be sent to the host PC, the I/O link function of them help users to do the simple control in local field. For example: the DI trigger or high/low AI alarm can driver the DO channel.

Built-in I/O Data Logging
The GT-540 Series provides an Micron SD slot for I/O data record in micro SD memory card for one day in a single file.

External Power Interface

The GT-540 series offers the external lithium battery for temporarily backup power while the main power source is failed.
BT600 3.7V 600 mAh Battery
BT1200 3.7V 1200 mAh Battery
  • Support 4 GSM/GPRS radio frequencies 850/900/1800/1900
  • Automatic/continuous GPRS Link Management
  • Support Modbus RTU protocol to connect to Max 3 Modbus RTU devices via RS-485 port.
  • Support M2M OPC server for SCADA system.
  • Easy-to-use API tool for users to develop their applications by various program development tools
  • Built-in I/O make GPRS RTU be the GPRS I/O devices.
  • Record I/O or GPRS (GT-540P only) data in micro SD card up to 2 GB.
  • 1 RS-232, 1 RS-485, 6 DIs, 2 Dos, 1 AI, and 1 GPS (GT-540P only)
  • Support 3.7V external lithium battery.
GT-540 Utility:
Configuration tool with graphical user interface helps user to set up system and diagnose module easily.
The GT-540 Utility can be downloaded from
Software solutions for GT-540 series
  • M2M RTU management software- M2M RTU Center
    The M2M RTU Center provided by ICP DAS is a M2M (Machine to Machine) management software that has a strong core technology for handling data and lets the user save the trouble of dealing with large IO data.
    For detail information and downloading the software, please refer to:
    ICP DAS M2M RTU Library is a software tool package for M2M RTU products. It provides the seamless connection with M2M RTU products (G-4500 RTU, GT-540íK) of ICP DAS for the user-designed system. With the APIs in this library, programmer can access M2M RTU devices by public software development environments, like VC, VB, BCB, visual studio.NetíKetc. It is easy to integrate these GPRS RTU devices to various applications including real the remote data, database management system.
    For detail information and downloading the software, please refer to:
  • OPC server for RTU series of ICP DAS- NAPOPC.M2M DA Server
    ICP DAS NAPOPC.M2M DA Server is an OPC software package operated as an OPC driver of a HMI or SCADA system. It provides seamless connection with GPRS RTU products (G-4500 RTU, GT-540íK) from ICP DAS to SCADA system (InduSoft, Wonderware, iFix, Citec, LabView and etc) following OPC 1.0, OPC 2.0 Data Access Standards.
    For detail information and downloading the software, please refer to:
  • EzDatalogger
    EZ Data Logger is a small data logger software. It can be applied to small remote I/O system. With its user-friendly interface, users can quickly and easily build a data logger software without any programming skill. EZ Data Logger support G-4500 RTU and GT-540(P) form version 4.3.1.
    For the detail and downloaded from:
Vehicle monitoring system Remote Environment data acquisition
Hydrologic monitoring System Application with G-4500 RTU
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