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EZDataLogger Data logger software
EZ Data Logger is a small data logger software. It can be applied to small remote I/O system. With its user-friendly interface, users can quickly and easily build a data logger software without any programming skill.


  • Support DCON, Modbus RTU, Modbus Ascii, Modbus TCP(support IP and Domain name) protocols

  • Support mutiple COM Ports and TCP/IP connections

  • Support Virtual Channel definition
    User can operate the data into the virtual channel by channel tag names easily. For example: VC3 = (AI_2 + AI_3) / 2
  • Support Control Logic (VB Script)
    User can edit the script to set the output values or to caculate data into virtual channels. You can get/set the channel values by channel tag names. For example : If AI_2 > 50 Then DO_3 = 1
  • Support Alarm Notifier (by sending SMS or E-Mail)
    User can set the engineer's cell phone number and email address. When the channel value over the alarm value or back to normal, the contact messanger will send a message by SMS
    (using GSM Modem with PDU mode supported) or by E-Mail(using ethernet).

  • Flexible module configuration
    Each module and I/O point can have different description and color

  • Flexible workgroup configuration
    Each channel can be assigned to any workgroup.

  • Real time data trend (with zoom in and zoom out)
    Each trend line can store more than 86400 records.

  • Layout view
    User can set back picture and drag-drop I/O points to the mapping place. User can also change the channel layout object as Linear Gauge, Angular Gauge, Toggle, Number LED.....

  • IP Camera Viewer
    User can add an IP camera's web address, and then add it to group. Then the layout display will show the web page in a sub window.

  • Access database supported
    The database also can be exported to Excel file or CVS file

  • Support Remote SQL Server and MySQL
    Users can log data to the SQL Server or MySQL. People can query the data on an aspx page by IE browser.
    The demo shows how to program a ASP .NET page to query the SQL Server data.

  • Reporter
    Can print the trend line or data from the database
  • High/Low alarm with audio warning
    Each AI channel can have its own high/low limitation. Once the AI value over high limitation or below low limitation, the alarm light will be triggered with audio. The alarm status will keep warning till users switch off the alarm light.
  • Can search for DCON modules and M7000 serial modules
    For DCON modules,7000, 87K, 8000 modules can be searched.
    For Modbus RTU modules,M7000 serial modules can be searched and automatic setting the gain and offset.
  • Value scaling
    Set gain and offset can scal analog values from volt or amp unit to another physical measurement unit.
    Include calculating function( given 2 points to calculate the gain and offset).
    For example: rpm for rotation, kg for weight.

  • Support 3 level account
Power User
Modify the project
Account management
Start/Stop projects
Set AO/DO values
Switching group pages
               ¡´ allowed ¡³ not allowed
  • Programming skill needless
    All operation are done by click mouse and enter value.

Supported Module:

  • Devices with Modbus RTU, Modbus Ascii, Modbus TCP protocols


  • Most 32 channels for each work group
  • One ICPDAS Modbus device to active all modbus drivers (see.Q2 )
  • Supported OS :Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7

Q & A

Q1.How do I display the analog values in another unit, for example kg?

Set Gain and Offset can scale the values to any unit you want. To obtain the exact Gain and Offset, you have to get two values first, and then use following method to get the final result.

Set "Gain" and "Offset" in "Group setup" .

Q2.How to active Modbus driver?

When you install Modbus drivers, you have to connect at least one ICPDAS Modbus device to active all the Modbus drivers. Then the Modbus drivers can access other Modbus devices, such like PLC.....
The following ICPDAS device can be connected to active all the Modbus driver.
M7000 serial modules, I-7188EX-MTCP, ET-6000,
ISaGRAF controllers ( I-8417/8817/8437/8837, I-7188EG, I-7188XG, Wincon-8x37 )


Q3. What should I do to support remote SQL Server?

EZ Data Logger can log data to a remote SQL Server. You have to enable remote connection on SQL Server. Please refer to the document for the detail: EZDataLogger_SQLServer


Q4. How to connect to the M2M devices?

M2M (Machine to Machine) is a 3G/GSM wireless solution. EZ Data Logger can get the M2M devices¡¦ data from the software ¡§RTU Center¡¨. You have to configure RTU Center correctly. Please refer to the document for the detail: EZDataLogger_G4500

Chapter 1 - Top
EZDL1-001-01 How to edit the language file?
EZDL1-002-02 How to set the sound alarm of computer?
EZDL1-003-03 How to set alarm notifies by sending E-mail?
EZDL1-004-04 How to set alarm notifies by sending SMS?
EZDL1-005-05 How to customize the layout component?
EZDL1-006-06 How to set user level?
EZDL1-007-07 How to export data to EXCEL from local database?
EZDL1-008-08 How to set and log data to a remote SQL Server?
Chapter 2 - Virtual Channel Application
EZDL2-009-01 How to use VC to do count operation?
EZDL2-010-02 How to use VC to do operations?
Chapter 3 - Control Logic Application
EZDL3-011-01 How to use the time parameter to set switch?
EZDL3-012-02 How to set the DO alarm?
EZDL3-013-03 How to record the previous value to VC?
Chapter 4 - Solution
EZDL4-014-01 WISE module solution.
EZDL4-015-02 USB-2000 module solution
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