ICP DAS New Product: Remote Maintenance Solution M2M-710D
The M2M-710D module is specially designed for remote maintenance and is able to immediately upgrade serial connection applications to network applications. It is perfect for use in harsh industrial environments. M2M-710D features several major latest network technologies : With Pair connection, it provides TCP data tunneling between 2 serial devices. Therefore, by means of TCP/IP server/client infrastructure, M2M-710D is able to perform remote serial data transmission by Ethernet between local and remote sites. In addition, it is able to gather device status reports from each site in real time with high accuracy. The maintenance personals could check and diagnose the device/PLC as if they are on-site. This will reduce huge maintenance cost therefore enhances the enterprises competitiveness.

Moreover, M2M-710D also work with other ICP DAS devices, such as M-4132, M2M-420-AV,etc., which even provides more variety selections for you applications.
Fig. 1. Remote Maintenance Architecture
Fig. 2. Establish remote maintenance system for devices all over the world.
Fig. 3. Immediately upgrade latency serial communications to network connections
  • Provide pair connection (RS-232,RS-485) over network
  • Support both modes: Server and Client communication modes
  • Work with other M2M products (M-4132, M2M-520-AV)
  • Support RS-232 or RS-485 serial communication ports
  • Built-in self-tuner ASIC chip for RS-485 port
  • Web-based administration
  • Secure Built-in MiniOS7 OS to keep off virus
  • Ethernet Protocol: TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP, ARP, RARP
  • Provide dynamic DNS function
  • Support static IP/DHCP
  • Support DDNS(Dynamic DNS)
  • Quick start
  • 5-Digit 7 Segment LED Display
  • CE/FCC, EMI, RoHS compliance
For more information, please visit the following website: http://www.icpdas.com/products/Remote_Maintenance/m2m-710d.htm

For user manual, please refer to the following website: http://ftp.icpdas.com/pub/cd/linconcd/napdos/multimedia/M2M-710D/manual/

M2M released product http://www.icpdas.com/products/Remote_Maintenance/m2m-710d.htm
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