001 Q: The digital input channel shows "-1" which displays within our OPC client software when using NAPOPC DA server and the channel  with "ON" condition. This reading changes from 0 to -1 (OFF & ON) instead of 0 to 1. Other OPC server software displays these numerals correctly.
002 Q: NAPOPC DA server uses 95-99% of CPU time independent of the polling rate that I specify in lookout. Is this a known problem and do you have a method to fix this?
003 Q: After upgrading a NAPOPC DA Server, why did I receive the following error message box...
     Box Title: NAPOPCSvr
     Box Body: Unexpected file format.
004 Q:  What is the performance of NAPOPC DA Server?
005 Q: How to make sure that the NAPOPC DA Server loads the correct configuration file?
006 Q: On Windows 95, we received problems during the NAPOPC DA Server installation. The error "File NapOPCSvr is linked with no exist Export-OLE32.DLL: CoInitalizeEx" message pops up when starting up. How to fix it?
007 Q: The "Error connecting to OPC 2.0 Server Browser. Class not registered." message occurs while connecting to the NAPOPC DA Server. How to fix it?
008 Q: The NAPOPC DA Server individually detects all modules, but cannot simultaneously detect the second and first modules on the network. How to fix it?
009 Q: The NAPOPC DA Server shows OK for only one second and again shows bad status. How to fix it?
010 Q: The NAPOPC DA Server shows BAD status with the I-7017 module? How to fix it?
011 Q: How to hide the window of NAPOPC DA Server to prevent unexpected termination by other users?
012 Q: Do NAPOPC DA Server support PCI card module?    
013 Q: The "run-time errors '91' "message occurs while VB client demo connect to the NAPOPC DA Server?    
014 Q: How about the limit of NAPOPC DA Server for tag number using Modbus communication?    
015 Q: How to solve NAPOPC DA Server show "Bad" using OPCLink connect to InTouch?   
016 Q: How to develop OPC Client under environment of Microsoft .Net ?   
017 Q: Why the NAPOPC DA Server show error value when I use Modbus Utility setting address number?  
018 Q: What the tag limitation in each group when connects through Modbus protocol?  
019 Q: Why does the COM port which greater than ten still can't connect normally? (The document notified the modification of this on version 2.15) ?