163 The reason of blinking power LED or L1 LED on PAC while Ethernet connect fail. NEW!
162 How to deliver event data by ISaGRAF PAC ? NEW!
161 Using many Modbus function blocks Mbus_AR and Mbus_AW in a ¡§for¡¨ loop in the ISaGRAF PAC NEW!
160 Soft-GRAF Application - Alarm Lists NEW!
159 How to use the tGW-700 Series, Modbus TCP to RTU/ASCII gateway, with the ISaGRAF PAC? NEW!
158 Soft-GRAF Application ¡V Data Logger NEW!
157 Q: How to link to the Temperature and Humidity module, DL-100T485, with the ISaGRAF PACs? NEW!
156 Q: ISaGRAF PAC connects a DL-100TM485 to measure humidity and temperature values. NEW!
155 Q: How to save the value of ISaGRAF variables to the Micro_SD memory in the WP-5xx7, WP-8xx7 and VP-25W7 PAC ? NEW!
154 Q: How to use the FRnet AI/AO module with the ISaGRAF PAC? NEW!
153 Q: How to use the ISaGRAF PAC to communicate with a far away Modbus TCP server or a ftp server by the 3G or 2G wireless GPRS ? NEW!
152 Q: How to control the IR module, IR-210/IR-712, with the ISaGRAF PACs? NEW!
151 Q: How to use FTP Client to upload log files to remote FTP Server on PC? NEW!
150 Q: ISaGRAF Tutorial Video NEW!
149 Q: How to make the ISaGRAF WinCE PAC play a sound ?
148 Q: User Guide for I-87017DW, I-87017ZW and I-87019ZW Cards
147 Q: How to use the VPD-130 to read the £gPAC-7186EG¡¦s system date and time via RS-485?
146 Q: Soft-GRAF Studio V.1.07 Software & manual: Create a Colorful HMI in the ISaGRAF WinCE PAC
145 Q: How to use ISaGRAF via I-8123W to control the CANopen Slave devices?
144 Q: A new function block ¡§Mbus12w¡¨ to write max. 12 words to Modbus salve devices.
143 Q: How to Make ¡§ISaGRAF WinCE PAC¡¨ to Connect to the Internet and Send Data by 2G / 3G wireless Dial-up ? How to get the location by using GPS ?
142 Q: How to protect your ISaGRAF program from used by the unauthorized people?
141 Q: iP-8xx7/£gPAC-7186EG/I-8xx7/I-8xx7-80 provide the Flash memory write protect feature
140 Q: How to communicate between InduSoft local HMI and ISaGRAF PACs via Modbus TCP protocol?
139 Q: How to install/use ISaGRAF 3.55 Demo Version and its limitations
138 Q: How to program an XP-8xx7-CE6 redundant system (with I-87K8 expansion base or Modbus I/O or other I/O) ?
137 Q: How to connect to remote server and send network package via GPRS with uPAC-5000 series controller?
136 Q: HART Solution : ISaGRAF PAC plus I-87H17W
135 Q: How to program ISaGRAF PAC to support SQL Client to write data to (or read data from) Microsoft SQL server ?
134 Q: How to reset the ISaGRAF driver or reset the whole controller by software ?
133 Q: How to send and receive UDP / TCP data ?
132 Q: Motion Control - Using I-8094F/8092F/8094
131 Q: Soft-GRAF : Create A Colorful HMI in The XP-8xx7-CE6 and WP-8xx7 and VP-2xW7 PAC (paper version: 1.09).
130 Q: How to automatically synchronize the time of XP-8xx7-CE6/WP-8xx7/VP-2xW7 over a network?
129 Q: How To Connect The ICP DAS Power Meter ¡V PM-2133 and PM-2134 By The ISaGRAF PAC ?
128 Q: How to use The ISaGRAF PAC plus i-87113DW - the master card of the Carlson Strain Guage Inputs ?
126 Q: How to use the WP-8847 to connect ET-7018Z and ET-7044D and develop the HMI program by InduSoft, VS2008 C# and VB.NET ?
125 Q: The XP-8xx7-CE6 Redundant System (iDCS-8000 I/O )
124 Q: A Web HMI Example for ISaGRAF Professional XPAC XP-8xx7-CE6-PRO ¡V by FrontPage
123 Q: How to move the InduSoft picture faster in the W-8xx6 / WP-8xx6 / VP-25W6 / XP-8xx6-CE6 ?
122 Q: How To Solve The USB-Freeze Problem Of The W-8x4x ? How To Update The W-8x4x 's OS Image ?
121 Q: How to install or remove the ISaGRAF development platform properly?
120 Q: How to calculate the moving average value of a variable by c-functions "Aver_N" or "Aver_F" ?
119 Q: How to implement the communication redundancy between the central control station and the local stations?
118 Q: A M.S. VC++ 6.0 Demo Program To Connect One WP-8xx7 by Modbus TCP Protocol.
117 Q: How to install the ISaGRAF Ver. 3 on Windows Vista or Windows 7?
116 Q: How to enable the second to the fifth modbus RTU slave port of the WP-8xx7 and VP-2xW7 without modifying the ISaGRAF project ?
115 Q: Working eLogger HMI with ISaGRAF SoftLogic in the WP-8xx7, VP-2xW7 and XP-8xx7-CE6 PAC. (the document version is 1.04 released on Apr.12,2011)
114 Q: How to avoid garbled content when printing ISaGRAF PDF documents?
113 Q: Linking ISaGRAF PAC to Modbus TCP/IP Slave Devices By Modbus TCP Master Protocol
112 Q: Program the I-8093W (3-axis high speed Encoder input module) by ISaGRAF.
111 Q: How to send a short message in user's local language by ISaGRAF PAC ?
110 Q: ZigBee Wireless Application: How to control remote I/O and Read / Write data?
109 Q: How to adjust the system time of some ISaGRAF PACs via Ebus by using ISaGRAF PAC and I-87211w?
108 Q: How to display the temperature trend curve by running ISaGRAF and C# .net 2008 program in the WinPAC-8xx7 plus i-87018z?
107 Q: How to do auto-time-synchronization and measure the local Longitude and Latitude by using the GPS-721 or I-87211W GPS I/O module in ISaGRAF PAC ?
106 Q: How to display the frequency trend curve by running ISaGRAF and C# .net 2008 program in the WinPAC-8xx7 plus I-8084W?
105 Q: Program The 8-Channel PWM Output Board : I-8088W Or I-87088W Or I-7088 In The ISaGRAF PAC.
104 Q: Why my PC running ISaGRAF can not connect the ISaGRAF PAC correctly ?
103 Q: Using RS-232 Or USB Touch Monitor With WinPAC.
102 Q: Why PC can not connect the WP-8xx7 or VP-25W7/23W7 's FTP server ?
101 Q: How to read max. 120 Words or max. 60 Long-Integers or max. 60 Real value from Modbus RTU / ASCII devices by using MBUS_XR or MBUS_XR1 function block (for WP-8xx7 / 8xx6 and VP-25W7/23W7/25W6/23W6 and Wincon-8xx7 / 8xx6 only) ?
100 Q: How to use I-8084W and I-87084W (4 / 8 ¡V Ch. Counter or 8-Ch. frequency) ?
099 Q: How to get an average value of a Real or Integer variable which is samlped every fixed interval (or sampled in every PLC scan ) ?
098 Q: Application: Link Serial COM Port to the Modbus RTU device by COM functions
097 Q: How to modify the PAC 's IP, NET-ID and Modbus RTU Slave port setting of the W-8347 / 8747 and WinPAC-8xx7 and XP-8xx7-CE6 by an USB pen drive (without Mouse and VGA) ?
096 Q: Release Two C-Function-Blocks To Read Max. 24 Words Or 200 Bits From Modbus RTU / ASCII Devices
095 Q: The Wincon-8x47 Supports Max. 32 Modbus TCP/IP Connections Since Its Driver Version 4.03
094 Q: How To Solve The USB-Freeze Problem Of The W-8x4x ? How To Update The W-8x4x 's OS Image ? 
093 Q: New Hot-Swap And Redundant Solution For The WP-8xx7 or VP-25W7/23W7
092 Q: Setting £gPAC-7186EG¡¦s and I-7188EG/XG 's COM3 or COM2 as Modbus RTU slave port
091 Q: How to use ISaGRAF PAC plus I-87089 - the VW sensor master card to measure the Vibration Wire frequency to calculate the stress of constructions ?
090 Q: How to use I-7017Z module in ISaGRAF PAC?
089 Q: Why my £gPAC-7186EG unable to renew the driver and ISaGRAF application?
088 Q: Function Modifications: The W-8347/8747, £gPAC-7186EG, I-8x37-80, I-8xx7 and I-7188EG/XG with S256/512 and X607/608 no longer support old retain method, please change to use the better new retain method to retain variables 
087 Q: What does it mean and how to fix it when the 7-segment LED shows error messages of Err00, Err02, Err03, Err90 or E.0001 after booting the PAC?
086 Q: The WP-8xx7, VP-25W7/23W7 , uPAC-7186EG and iPAC-8447 / 8847 connecting one or several i-7530 to link many CAN or CANopen devices and sensors .
084 Q: Application: A Cost Effective and Hot-Swap Redundancy System by £gPAC-7186EG or I-8437-80 plus RU-87P4 / 8
083 Q: How to set I-8x37, I-8x37-80, I-7188EG and £gPAC-7186EG 's TCP recycling time ?
082 Q: An easy way to program the fast FRNET remote I/O modules
081 Q: How to measure +/-150VDC in ISaGRAF controllers plus the I-87017W-A5 I/O card ?
080 Q: Application: Record 10-Ch. temperature value into a file in £gPAC-7186EG every minute. When 24 hour recording is finished, send this record file by email every day.
077 Q: Application sample: Record Voltage / Current input by £gPAC-7186EG every second for 1 to 10 minutes. Then send this record file by email.
075 Q: Why my ISaGRAF project can not connect Modbus slave device correctly ?
074 Q: How to use ISaGRAF New Retain Variable ? What is its advantage ?
073 Q: Why does the I-7017 or I-87017 's Current Input reading value become double or incorrect ?
072 Q: Application sample: Record Voltage / Current input by W-8xx7 every 20 ms for 1 to 10 minutes. Then send this record file by email.
071 Q: Application: Record 10-Ch. temperature value into a file in W-8xx7 every minute. When 24 hour recording is finished, send this record file by email every day. 
070 Q: How to do Time Synchronization and record state of many ISaGRAF PAC ?
069 Q: Why my PC can not run ¡§ftp¡¨ to connect W-8347 or W-8747 ?
068 Q: Why the W-8xx7 or WinPAC-8xx7 or i-8xx7 or i-7188EG/XG or uPAC-7186EG or iPAC-8xx7 always reset or hang off ? How to delete the ISaGRAF application ?
067 Q: How to send email with one attached file by WinPAC-8xx7 or WinCon-8xx7 or iPAC-8447 / 8847 or uPAC-7186EG ?
066 Q: How to process the Integer or Real value coming from the RS-232 / RS-485 device ? Like the device of Bar-Code reader or RS-232 weight meter.
065 Q: ICP DAS Release Stable and Cost-effective Data Acquisition Auto-Report System. (VC++ 6.0 and VB 6.0 and ISaGRAF demo program are available)
063 Q: Why my RS-485 remote I-7000 and I-87K Output module 's host watchdog function doesn't work to reset its output channels to safe output value while the RS-485 communication cable is broken ?
062 Q: How to setup a redundant system with Ethernet I/O ?
061 Q: How to connect RS-485 remote I-7000 and I-87xxx I/O modules in I-8xx7 , I-7188EG/XG and WinCon-8xx7 controller ? How to program RS-485 remote I-7017RC , I-87017RC and I-7018Z ?
060 Q: How to read / write file data in WinCon ?
059 Q: Some skill to operate RS-232 / 422 / 485 serial COM Port by COM functions
058 Q: How to record I-8017H ¡¦s Ch.1 to Ch.4 voltage input in S-256 / 512 in I-8437-80 or I-8837-80 ? The sampling time is one record every 0.05 second. The record period is 1 to 10 minutes. Then PC can download this record and display it as a trend curve diagram by M.S. Excel.
057 Q: How to record I-8017H ¡¦s Ch.1 to Ch.4 voltage input in a user allocated RAM memory in the WinCon-8xx7 ? The sampling rate is one record every 0.01 second. The record period is 1 to 10 minutes. Then PC can download this record and display it as a trend curve diagram by M.S. Excel.
056 Q: How to do periodic operation in ISaGRAF controllers ?
055 Q: How to connect I-7018z to get 6 channels of 4 to 20 mA input and 4 channles of Thermo-couple temperature input ? And also display the value on PC by VB 6.0 program ?
054 Q: iPAC-8xx7 and £gPAC-7186EG support Data Logger function
053 Q: Performance Comparison Table of ISaGRAF Controllers
052 Q: VB 6.0 Demo program using Modbus TCP/IP protocol to control ISaGRAF controllers
051 Q: VB.net 2005 Demo program using Modbus TCP/IP protocol to control ISaGRAF controllers
050 Q: How to connect an ISaGRAF controller to M-7000 remote I/O ?
049 Q: Setting a special ¡§CODE_¡¨ parameter of ¡§MBUS_R¡¨ & ¡¨MBUS_R1¡¨ to get a clear ¡§Degree Celsius¡¨ or ¡§Degree Fahrenheit¡¨ input value of M-7000 temperature module . For example, ¡§3012¡¨ means 30.12 degree.
048 Q: How to use WinCon-8xx7 / 8xx6 to control FRNET I/O ?
047 Q: How to Read or Write Floating Point Value to Modbus RTU Slave device ?
046 Q: How to Write 16-bits to Modbus RTU devices by Mobus function call No. 6 ?
045 Q: ISaGRAF controllers display message to EKAN Modview LED
044 Q: WinCon-8xx7 / 8xx6 automatically report data to PC / InduSoft or PC / HMI ?
043 Q: How to setup WinCon-8xx7 as TCP/IP Client to communicate to PC or other TCP/IP Server device ? Or WinCon automatically report data to PC via TCP/IP ?
042 Q: How to use WinPAC-8147/8447/8847 and Wincon-8xx7 connecting to Ethernet I/O ?
041 Q: How to connect PC / HMI to a Redundancy system with a single IP address ?
040 Q: Setting I-8437/I-8837/I-8437-80/I-8837-80 's COM3 as Modbus RTU slave port
039 Q: ISaGRAF version 3.4 & 3.5 Now Supporting "Variable Array" !!!
038 Q: Setting I-7188EG/XG 's COM3 as Modbus RTU slave port
037 Q: I-7188EG/XG support remotely downloads via Modem Link
036 Q: Redundancy solution in Wincon .
035 Q: Slow down ISaGRAF driver speed to work better with Indusoft software in W-8036/8336/8736 & W-8046/8346/8746?
034 Q: Compiling error result in different ISaGRAF version ?
033 Q: Setting Up More Modbus RTU Slave Ports in WinCon ISaGRAF Controllers
032 Q: How to access ISaGRAF variables as an array ? (A demo program of sending string to COM2 or COM3 when alarm 1 to 8 happens)
031 Q: Setting a special ¡§ADR_¡¨ parameter of remote I-7000 & I-87xxx temperature input module to get clear ¡§Degree Celsius¡¨ or ¡§Degree Fahrenheit¡¨ input value. For ex, ¡§8754¡¨ means 87.54 degree.
030 Q: Setting special ¡§range¡¨ parameter of temperature input board to get clear ¡§Degree Celsius¡¨ or ¡§Degree Fahrenheit¡¨ input value. For ex, ¡§1535¡¨ means 15.35 degree.
029 Q: How to send/receive message from ISaGRAF controller to remote PCs or Controllers via Ethernet UDP communication ?
028 Q: How to use multi-port Modbus Master in the WinCon-8037/8337/8737 & WinCon-8036/8336/8736
027 Q: How to link to Modbus ASCII Slave device ?
026 Q: New ISaGRAF retain variable is better than old one.
025 Q: How to detect controller Fault ?
024 Q: How to scale analog input and output of 4 to 20 mA to my engineering format ? How to scale analog input and output of 0 to 10 V to my engineering format ?
023 Q: How to reduce ISaGRAF code size ? How to directly Read / Write ISaGRAF variables by using Network address ?
022 Q: How to Use Proface HMI (Touch panel) to link to I-7188EG/XG , I-8xx7 and WinCon-8x37 ?
021 Q: When closing my ISaGRAF window, it holds for a long time. Why ?
020 Q: How to search a variable name in an ISaGRAF project ?  
019 Q: Why my I-8417/8817/8437/8837 or I-7188EG/XG stop running ?
018 Q: Does the ISaGRAF-256 software have I/O Tag limitation ? Why not using ¡§ISaGRAF-L¡¨ Large version ?  
017 Q: How to trigger something at some seconds later when one event happens ?
016 Q: How to determine a D/I if it has bouncing problem ?
015 Q: How to output something at a time interval ? For ex.  Turn ON at 09:00~18:00 on Monday to Saturday , while  13:00~20:00 on Sunday
014 Q: Can I use 8K parallel D/I board to get counter input up to 500Hz ? How ?
013 Q: PWM: Can I generate D/O square pulse up to 500Hz with I-8417/8817/8437/8837 , 7188EG & 7188XG     controllers ? How?
012 Q: My HMI software wants to access float values and long word values inside the I-8417/8817/8437/8837, 7188EG & 7188XG.How?
011 Q: How can I implement motion control in I-8417/8817/8437/8837?
010 Q: I Want to email my ISaGRAF program to someone. How can I archive one ISaGRAF project to a single file?
009 Q: Can not fine I/O boards in the ISaGRAF I/O connection window ?
008 Q: What is the limitation of program size of I-8417/8817/8437/8837, I-7188EG & I-7188XG ?
007 Q: Can I write my own protocol or third-party protocol to apply on ISaGRAF controllers ?
006 Q: Can I use ISaGRAF controller (I-8417/8817/8437/8837, I-7188EG/XG) as a Modbus Master controller to gather data from other Modbus devices ?
005 Q: Can I use more than 32 I/O in my ISaGRAF project if I don¡¦t have ISaGRAF-256 or ISaGRAF-L ?
004 Q: Can I create my own functions inside ISaGRAF ?
003 Q: How to build a HMI screen by using ISaGRAF ? 
002 Q: How to search I/O boards and declare variables automatically for I-8xx7 controllers ? 
001 Q: How to get counter value built in I-7000 & I-87xxx remote I/O modules ?