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ICP DAS USB series I/O modules are highly flexible solution to acquire or output data. User can build up own PC-based control, laboratory research, testing and so on by applying ICP DAS USB series modules. The advantages of ICP DAS USB I/O modules are small size, portable, USB bus powered and various input type to help user build up own project easily and quickly in different field and application.
Compare with traditional PC I/O card, it is waste of time to open chassis and configure I/O board. In ICP DAS USB I/O, you will enjoy the simply controlling I/O in the efficient way. ICP DAS USB I/O equips USB bus powered feature, one cable to access I/O and provide power without additional power wiring. ICP DAS USB I/O is a small size module. You can apply these I/O modules in wide range application, ex: fan-less control or measurement, automatically testing with BOX-PC…etc. ICP DAS USB I/O provides 10kS/s data acquisition functionality. User can apply this to real-time demanded application, ex: noise measurement.
Automatic control、Automatic testing、Laboratory research  
● USB bus powered
The ICP DAS USB I/O series module can be powered by PC. Both data and power can be carried through an USB cable eliminating the need for additional wiring and power supply.
● Dual Watchdog
The Dual Watchdog is consists of a Module Watchdog and a Communication Watchdog. The action of output is also associated to the Communication Watchdog.

Module Watchdog is a built-in hardware circuit to monitor the operation of the module and will reset the CPU if a failure occurs in the hardware or the software.
Communication Watchdog is a software function to monitor the communication between the host and the ICP DAS USB I/O module. The timeout of the communication Watchdog is programmable, when the ICP DAS USB I/O doesn't receive commands from the host for a while. The watchdog forces the output to Pre-Programmed Safe Value to prevent unpredictable damage of the connected devices.

● Power On Value & Safe Value
Besides setting value to output modules, the output modules can be set under two other conditions.
Power On Value: The Power On Value is loaded into the output modules under 3 conditions: power on, reset by Module Watchdog, reset by reset command.
Safe Value: When the Communication Watchdog is enabled and a Communication Watchdog timeout occurs, the "Safe Value" is loaded into the output modules.
● Highly Reliable Under Harsh Environment
  • Operating Temperature: -25 ~ +75 °C
  • Storage Temperature: -40 ~ +85 °C
  • Humidity 10 ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)

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