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3-channel Isolated Digital Input and 3-channel PhotoMOS Relay Output Module
  • PhotoMos Relay Outputs
  • Source- or Sink-type Digital Inputs
  • Photocouple Isolation
  • No Arcing, No Bounce, and No Switching Noise
  • All DI Channels Can Be Used As 16-bit Counters
  • Dual Watchdog
  • Configurable Power-on Value Settings
  • Configurable Safe Value Settings
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: -25 ~ +75°C
Model: tM-P3POR3    
The tM-P3POR3 provides 3 digital input channels and 3 PhotoMOS relay output channels, each of which features photocouple isolation. All output channels are PhotoMOS relays, while input is based on a sink- or source-type using a wire connection. All input channels can be used as 16-bit counters.
There are options for configuring power-on and safe digital output values. PhotoMOS relays provide a faster response time, greater electrical endurance and no spike. 4 kV ESD protection and 3750 VDC intra-module isolation are also provided.
  • All Types of On/Off Control
  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Building Automation
  • Food and Beverage Systems
  • Semiconductor Fabrication
  • Control Systems
Digital Input/Counter
Input Channels 3
Type Wet Contact (Sink, Source)
On Voltage Level +3.5 VDC ~ 50 VDC
Off Voltage Level +1.0 VDC Max.
Input Impedance 10 KΩ, 0.66 W 
Counters Channels 3
Max. Count 65535 (16-bit)
Max. Input Frequency 100 Hz
Min. Pulse Width 5 ms
Overvoltage Protection 70 VDC
PhotoMOS Relay Output
Output Channels 3
Relay Type PhotoMOS Relay
Operating Load Voltage Range 80 V (AC peak or DC)
Countinous Load Current 1 A Max.
Peak Load Current 3 A, (1 ms, 1 shot)
Output Off State Leakage Current 1 uA
Operating Time 5 ms (Max.)
Release Time 0.5 ms (Max.)
Electrical Endurance No Arcing, No Bounce, and No Switching Noise
Power-on Value Yes, Programmable
Safe Value Yes, Programmable
Interface RS-485
Format (N, 8, 1), (N, 8, 2), (O, 8, 1), (E, 8, 1)
Baud Rate 1200 ~ 115200 bps
Protocol DCON, Modbus/RTU, Modbus/ASCII
Dual Watchdog Yes, Module (2.3 seconds), Communication (Programmable)
LED Indicators
Power 1 LED as Power Indicator
Intra-module Isolation,Field-to-Logic 3750 VDC for Digital Input
2000 VDC for PhotoMOS Relay Output
EMS Protection
ESD (IEC 61000-4-2) ±4 kV Contact for Each Terminal
±8 kV Air for Random Point
EFT (IEC 61000-4-4) ±4 kV for Power
Power Requirements
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Powered from Terminal Block Yes, 10 ~ 30 VDC
Consumption 0.4 W Max.
Dimensions (W x L x H) 52 mm x 98 mm x 27 mm
Installation DIN-Rail Mounting
Operating Temperature -25 XC ~ +75 °C
Storage Temperature -30 XC ~ +75 °C
Humidity 10 ~ 95% RH, Non-condensing
tM-P3POR3 CR 3-channel Isolated Digital Input and 3-channel PhotoMOS Relay Output Module (RoHS)
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tM-7520U CR Isolated RS-232 to RS-485 Converter (RoHS)
tM-7510U CR Isolated RS-485 Repeater (RoHS)
MDR-20-24 CR 24 W Single Output Industrial DIN Rail Power Supply (RoHS)

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