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OPC UA is the interoperability standard based on industry 4.0 for security, reliable multi-vendor, and multi-platform data exchange for Industrial Automation. It extends the classical OPC communication protocol, enabling data acquisition and information modeling and communication between the plant floor and the enterprise reliably and securely.

Key Features of OPC UA are:
Platform Independent Data Communication
OPC UA is designed to be independent of the platform. Using SOAP/XML over HTTP, OPC UA can be deployed on Linux, Windows XP Embedded, Windows 7, and Classical Windows platforms.
Unified Access
OPC UA integrates existing OPC specifications DA, A&E, HDA, Commands, Complex data, and Object Types in one specification. This reduces system integration costs by providing a common architecture for accessing information.
Standardized Communication via Firewalls and Internet
OPC UA uses message based security which means messages can be relayed through HTTP, UA TCP port or any other single port available.
Reliability & Redundancy
OPC UA implements a configurable timeouts, error detection, and communication failure recovery. OPC UA allows redundancy between applications from different vendors to be deployed.
OPC UA is Secure-by-default, encryption enabled, and uses advanced certificate handling which includes Authentication, Authorization, Confidentiality, and Integrity.
  MQTT: Active M2M Transmission Mechanism  
MQTT is a method of Machine to Machine (M2M) communication by writing and retrieving application-specific data (messages) to and from queues, without having a private, dedicated connection to link them. It simplifies and accelerates the cloud-based integration of diverse applications data between IIoT devices under assured, secure and reliable exchange of information circumstance. Using MQTT in IIoT devices not only dramatically simplifies the creation and maintenance of Industrial application but also makes connectivity for the “internet of things” and mobile devices easily, and achieve the smart automation based on industry 4.0.

MQTT Features:
Rapid, Seamless Connectivity
  Rapid, seamless connectivity of information with a single, robust and trusted messaging backbone for
dynamic heterogeneous environments.
Secure, Reliable Message Delivery
  Secure, reliable message delivery that preserves message integrity and minimizes risk of information loss.
High-performance Deployment

High-performance and scalable message transfer to meet the demands of today’s enterprise and beyond.

Simplified Management and Control
  Simplified management and control for better control and usability.
Cost Effective
  Cost effective of ownership by reducing the cost of integration and accelerating time to deployment.

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