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The iKAN series is a family of industrial Modbus LED display devices that deliver industrial-grade anti-noise capabilities as well as reliability and stability. ASCII characters and Unicode characters, which can be used to display multiple languages, are supported for presenting formatted messages. Support for the popular Modbus industrial protocol is provided meaning that iKAN display devices can be easily integrated into existing PLC and SCADA environments. The iKAN series allows data written from a PC or a PLC to be displayed in a formatted message in real-time. Seven colors are available for the text, which can be used to indicate different degrees of importance of the message, as well as significantly increase the readability of the message in an industrial arena.

Messages can be edited using a standard web browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or IE, etc., on a PC, mobile device, or smartphone without any limitations related to specific control tools or programs. The display of individual messages can also be remotely enabled or disabled as necessary using the same standard web browser. Each model in the iKAN series provides storage space for up to 64 common messages and 10 instant messages. In addition, 168 user-defined variables allow data on a PC, PLC or other controller to be automatically integrated into a message and then displayed. With an open user interface and the ability to display real-time data, the iKAN series of display devices can be installed in a variety of indoor spaces, including shopping malls, railway stations, and industrial areas.
Web-based User Interface
A message can be preconfigured, or the variables can be edited, via a standard web browser, meaning that no utility software needs to be installed, and no specific programming knowledge or skills are required.
Message Editing
A maximum of 64 common messages and 10 instant messages can be preconfigured from the first moment that the iKAN display is switched on. When the display is in operation, the focus needs only be on message management rather than the need to frequently update the messages.
Message Priority
Instant messages have a higher priority than common messages. Once an instant message is enabled, the common message currently being displayed will be suspended until the instant message is disabled. This feature allows the most important information to be displayed in an emergency situation.
Support for the Modbus TCP/Modbus RTU Protocol
The majority of devices used in the industrial field support the Modbus protocol. The iKAN display also supports the Modbus TCP/Modbus RTU protocol, which reduces the learning curve required when first using the iKAN display, and ensures easy integration of the display into either a new or an existing system.
Integer-type variables enable data mapping
The iKAN display is able to perform data mapping to translate a computer integer value to a readable physical value, such as voltage, temperature, or relative humidity, etc. In the industrial field, this is a commonly performed task between the host computer and the data-acquisition devices via the Modbus protocol,enabling a reductionin the resources and programming required for the host computer.
Boolean (Coil) variable to text mapping
The iKAN display can also be used to translate the status of a switch or relay (which is usually a Boolean value where 0 or 1 represents ON or OFF) into readable text.
The iKAN-116 can be employed as a large HMI with a memory storage of up to 64 common messages and 10 instant messages, each of which can be used to display information generated by a PLC. A range of seven colors is available for the text, including red, blue, yellow, green, light blue, purple and white, which can be used to indicate warnings or alarms, as well as increasing the readability of a message.
Indoor Air Quality Display
The iKAN-116 can be used to read indoor air quality monitoring data from an external DL-302 module, including the carbon dioxide level, temperature and humidity, and then display the information in real-time, making it suitable for commercial and public buildings, such as schools and museums, as well as for retail, leisure and healthcare facilities where personnel are required to stand for long periods of time, and where the indoor air quality is required to be monitored and displayed at the entrance or lobby of the building.

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