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New Product: PCM-CPM100-D
New Product: CAN-8823
8-slot CANopen Remote I/O units
NEW Product: μPAC-5001D-CAN2: Palm-Size programmable CAN controller (two CAN ports)
New Product: EIP-2060
6-ch Relay and 6-ch Isolation DI EtherNet/IP Module
New Product Release: iDCS-8830 rugged & redundant remote I/O system with Modbus/TCP & Modbus/UDP
ICPView --- network monitoring tool.
New Product: ZT-2017C
ZigBee Wireless 8-ch Current Input Module with High Common Voltage Protection
New Product: ZT-2017
ZigBee Wireless 8-channel Analog Input Module with High Voltage Protection
New Product Release: PIO-D48SU
Universal PCI, 48–channel Digital I/O Boards
New Product Release: PIO-D96SU
Universal PCI, 96–channel Digital I/O Boards


New Product: VP-4131
ViewPAC with 10.4” TFT LCD (WinCE 5.0 Inside)
New Product: VPD-132/VPD-132N/VPD-133/VPD-133N
(local, remote I/O channel expandable)
New Product: M-7068(D)/M-7069(D)
4-channel Form A Relay Output and 4-channel Form C Relay Output Module
New ISaGRAF Application: Event Data Delivery
New Function: Ethernet Overload Detection for the ISaGRAF MiniOS7 PAC


New Product: VP-4137
10.4” TFT LCD touch screen ISaGRAF ViewPAC (Windows CE 5.0 inside)
New product: M2M Mini PAC GD-4500-2G series
New Product: PROFI-2510
Isolated PROFIBUS Repeater
New Product: PROFI-2541/PROFI-2541-SC
PROFIBUS to Fiber Converter
New Product: EIP-2055
Isolated 8-ch DI and 8-ch DO EtherNet/IP module
New Product: 5-port Gigabit Unmanaged Ethernet switches
New Product: ZT-2060
Wireless 6-channel Isolated Digital Input and 4-channel Relay Output Module
Welcome to visit us at Computex Taipei 2013
New Function: ISaGRAF Modbus Function Blocks -- Mbus_AR and Mbus_AW
To reduce the program codes, maintain the project easier and consume less CPU time.
Product Upgrade Notice: Powerful and Stable CANopen Master module, I-87123, Update Driver & Firmware to Version 2.02


New Product: I-87024UW/I-87028UW
4/8-channel 16-bit Isolated Source-type Voltage or Current Output Module
New Product: ZT-2550/ZT-2551, RS-485/RS-232 to ZigBee Converter Module
New Product: ZT-2510, ZigBee Repeater Module
New Product Release: PIO-D144LU
Universal PCI, 144–channel Digital I/O Boards
New Product: PROFI-8855 (PROFIBUS Remote I/O Unit with 8 Expansion Slots)
New product: : CAN-2015C, 8-channel RTD Input CANopen Slave Module
New Product: CAN-2017D, DeviceNet Remote I/O Module with 8 channel analog inputs
New Product: PCM-CM100-D
1-port Intelligent PCI-104 CAN Communication Board
New Product: WP-5147 / WP-5147-OD
ISaGRAF based WinPAC-5000 (Windows CE 5.0 )
Driver Upgrade: the CANopen Master Library version 2.04 for PISO-CAN series cards is updated


New Product: ZT-2570/ZT-2571, RS-485/RS-232/Ethernet to ZigBee Converter Module
New Product Release: PISO-730U
Universal PCI, 32-channel Isolated Digital I/O and 32-channel TTL-level Digital I/O (Current Sinking, PNP type)
ICP DAS has done it again! WISE-5801 and μPAC-5000 series won the 2013 Taiwan Excellence Awards.
HART Fieldbus – ICP DAS HART System Integration Solution


New Product: tPET-P2A2、tET-P2A2
Tiny Ethernet I/O Module (with PoE), 2-ch isolated D/I and 2-ch Open Collector DO (Source, PNP)
New Product: IR-712A (Universal IR Learning Remote Module)
New Product: WF-2060
New Soft-GRAF Application:
Alarm application and send a short message to mobile phones when a specified alarm happens.
ISaGRAF New Application : tGW-700 Gateway Application
Use tGW-700 to solve the problem about poor communication efficiency of the long distant RS-485 network
New product: I-87068W-2A
4-channel Form A Signal Relay Output and 4-channel Form C Signal Relay Output Module
New Product: tPET-P2C2、tET-P2C2
Tiny Ethernet I/O Module (with PoE), 2-ch isolated DI and 2-ch Open Collector DO (Sink, NPN)
ICP DAS HART Converter ( I-7567 / I-7570 ) New Function Release
DeviceNet solutions: High performance DeviceNet master, various I/O and intelligent gateways
PROFIBUS Gateway:PROFIBUS DP slave to Modbus TCP/RTU/ASCII & HART master solutions

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