Latest version: 1.5.0, 2014/09/19
eLogger is a free charge and easy-to-use software to implement HMI and data logger on ICP DAS Windows CE.NET 5.0 based PACs (WinPAC and ViewPAC), Windows CE.NET 6.0 based PACs (XP-8000-CE6 and XP-8000-Atom-CE6) or Windows XPE based PACs (XP-8000 and XP-8000-Atom) for simple I/O monitoring and controlling systems. It can cut costs and shorten time-to-market.

eLogger can quickly and easily develop an application with flexible I/O configuration. The developing can be completed in just 5 simple procedures: configuring I/O modules, configuring data logger, designing HMI layout pages, uploading the project and web pages to WinPAC/ViewPAC/XPAC, running it. In the simple procedures, there is no need of software programming knowledge. Furthermore, if more powerful functions need to be added, eLogger also provides a flexible ¡§shared memory¡¨ interface to allow your VS.NET and ISaGRAF programs co-work with it.
  1.PAC Support:  
  • Developer: Windows 2K,Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7
  • Run time target: Windows CE.NET 5.0 platform, such as WP-8x3x series, WP-8x4x series, VP-23W1, VP-25W1
                                  Windows CE.NET 6.0 platform, such as XP-8000-CE6, XP-8000-Atom-CE6 Windows XPE platform, such as XP-8000, XP-8000-Atom
  2. Driver Support:  
  • Module on slot
    • I-8K series: I-8017HW, I-8024W, and all I-8K DIO module. (support list)
    • I-87K series: DI, DO, AI, AO, counter, frequency, DI with latch function. (support list)
  • Modbus serial master( support Modbus RTU/ Modbus ASCII)
    • M-7000.
    • Modbus RTU devices/Modbus ASCII devices.
  • Modbus TCP master
    • ET-7000.
    • PET-7000 series.
    • Modbus TCP devices.
  3. HMI  
  • Elements: Button, Text Box, Linear Gauge, Angular Gauge, LED, Switch, Tank, Label, Plot, Seven Segment, Thermometer, Slider, Odometer.
  • Pages¡GMaximum of 32 pages.
  4. Web Page  
  • Support elements: Text Box, Seven Segment, Label, Button, Picture Toggle.
  5. Value Scaling  
  Set gain and offset can scale analog values from volt or amp unit to another physical unit. For example: rpm for rotation, kg for weight.  
  6. Account Management  
  • 3 levels operating management: Admin, Power User, User.
  Admin Power User User
Open project
Start/Stop project
Set AO/DO values
Switching group pages
  : allowed       : not allowed  
  7. Remote Maintenance  

You can use eLogger Developer's remote control function to Upload / Run / Stop the project through the Ethernet.

  8. Data Base  
  • Local data base: SQL embedded.
  • Remote data base(not avalible): SQL 2005 on Windows platform.
  9. Logic Control Programming  
Via the " shared memory " , you can choose ISaGRAF or VS.Net to develop a logic control program and co-work with the elogger. Your programs can access the data of I/O module and exchange other temporary data through the "shared memory". You can focus on the logic control programming.
  • ISaGRAF (IEC61131-3 standard PLC languages) (Refer to ISaGRAF FAQ-115)
  • Visual Studio .NET (C#, VB.NET) for Window CE.NET 5.0

10. Support ISAPI
You can read/write the shared memory by calling ISAPI URL. It helps you to design a HMI web page with javascript.
With "MIT App Inventor" which is the Android App develop site, you can build a Android app by calling ISAPI quickly, no coding required.

  11. Support Modbus TCP Server
You can read/write the data by Modbus TCP Protocol.
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