Model: I-8142i
Model: I-8142i-G
2-port Isolated RS-422/485 Module


Number of ports 2
Interface Isolated RS-422/485
RS-422: TxD+, TxD-, RxD+, RxD-, RTS+, RTS-, CTS+, CTS-
RS-485: Data+, Data-
Note1¡GThe RS-422 and RS-485 couldn't be used simultaneously
Note2¡GOnly Support Half - Duplex
Controller 16C550 compatible
Speed: 115200 bps Max.
Data bit: 5, 6, 7, 8  
Stop bit: 1, 1.5, 2  
Parity: None, Even, Odd, Mark, Space  
FIFO: Internal 16 bytes 
Self-Tuner Asic inside  Yes. 
Interrupt   Shared Interrupt  
Bus Parallel I/O Module 
Supports Max devices   Supports 32 devices max by each port. For Hardware version 6.7 
Connector   10-Pin RJ-45 
Photo-Isolation  2500Vrms
4KV ESD Protection  Yes, Contact for each port. 
Intra-module Isolation, Field to Logic   3000VDC
Support interrupt driven software library
Support VxCOM library
LED Display
1 LED as Communication Indicator
2 LEDs as Communication(TxD) Indicators  
2 LEDs as Communication(Error) Indicators 
Power Consumption 0.48A @ 5V = 2.4W, +/- 5% For Hardware version 6.7
Operating Temperature -25 to 75 ¢XC 
Storage Temperature  -40 to 85 ¢XC 
Humidity   5 to 95%, Non-condensing  
31 x 63 x 114 (W x L x H)
Include cable
CA-RJ1003 x 1
I-8142i    2-Port Isolation RS-422/485 Module (Blue Cover)
I-8142i-G    2-Port Isolation RS-422/485 Module (Gray Cover)
CA-RJ0903    9-Pin Male D-sub to 10-Pin RJ-45 Cable (30cm)
CA-RJ1003    10-Pin RJ-45 to 10-Wire Cable (30cm)
CA-RJ1010    10-Pin RJ-45 to 10-Wire Cable (1M)
I-8144    4-Port RS-422/485 Module (Blue Cover)
I-8142i    2-Port Isolated RS-422/485 Module (Blue Cover)
I-8142    2-Port RS-422/485 Module (Blue Cover)
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