Model: I-8091
Model: I-8091-G
2-axis Stepping/Servo Motor Control Card


  • Parallel I/O Module
  • 2-axis independent, simultaneous stepping motor control / servo motor control (pulse input type).
  • Maximum pulse rate: 1Mpps.
  • Maximum step counts: 2^ 32 -1 steps.
  • DOS driver.
  • Embedded CPU.
  • Command type interface.
  • 2-axis linear, 2-axis circular interpolation.
  • Automatic trapezoidal acceleration / deceleration.
  • Output pulse modes : CW/CCW or pulse/direction.
  • Output polarity can be programmable.
  • 2500Vrms optical isolated signal output.
  • 3 optical isolated digital inputs per axis for limit switches.
  • programmable limit switch initial condition as
         normal open(N.O.) or normal close(N.C.).
  • Power consumption: 3.9W

I-8091 2-axis Stepping/Servo Motor Control Card
Standard Pack I-8090 x 1, User's Manual x1, CA-PC25M x 1
DN-25 I/O Connector Block with DIN-Rail Moun ting, 25/9 pin D-sub Connector
CA-2520 25-pin Male-Male D-sub flat cable, 2M
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