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Model: I-8074
Model: I-8074-G
SRAM Module



The I-8074 series modules provide 128K to 1M Bytes memory. It contains two batters by capacity of 190mAh and the batteries monitor.
When the voltage of the battery drops to 2.28V, the low battery indicator will light up. For this reason, the I-8074 series can replace the new battery before the battery fail; also the data stored in SRAM will not lose.

  • SRAM size: 128K ~ 1M Bytes
  • Battery backup: Yes
  • Battery monitor:
           Low battery: 2.28V
           Battery fail: 2.11V
  • Operating temperature:+0¢XC to +70¢XC
      I-8074-128 128K battery backup SRAM Module
      I-8074-256 256K battery backup SRAM Module
      I-8074-512 512K battery backup SRAM Module
      I-8074-1024 1024K battery backup SRAM Module
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