(For I-7188XB/XG/EX/EG, £gPAC-7186EX/EG/FD/SM)
  • 3-axis encoder counter
  • 32-bit encoder counter
  • Encoder mode: Quadrant ,CW/CCW , Pulse/Direction
  • Maximum counting rate:1MHz
  • Input Level:
    • Input 5V
      Logic High: 3.5V~5V
      Logic Low : 0V~2V
    • Input 12V with external resistor 1K ohm
      Logic High: 5V~12V
      Logic Low : 0V~2V
    • Input 24V with external resistor 2K ohm
      Logic High: 7V~24V
      Logic Low : 0V~2V
  • Built-in XOR logic for active high or low
  • Isolated voltage output: +5V,100 mA(max)
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X703 3-axis Encoder Module
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