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(For I-7188XB/XG/EX/EG, £gPAC-7186EX/EG/FD/SM)
Analog Input
Input Channels 4
Input Type

0 ~ +10 V

Resolution 12-bit
Sampling Rate 1KHz Max(Read one channel)
Input Impedance 2M Ohm
Over voltage Protection +/- 30VDC
Isolation Voltage Non-isolation
Digital Output
Output Channels 6
Output Type

Open-Collector (NPN)

Load Voltage +30VDC, Max
Load Current 100mA, Max
Isolation Voltage Non-isolation
Other specifications
Dimensions 64 mm x 38 mm
Power requirement


Environment with I-7188XC or £gpac-7186 series Casing Operating Temperature : -25 ~ +75 ¢J
Storage Temperature : -40 ~ +80 ¢J
Relative Humidity : 5% to 90% Non-condensing
X308    4-channel A/D ( 0~10V) add 6-channel D/O
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