New product: Intelligent SMS/GSM alarm controller- GT-534
The GT-534 is an intelligent SMS/GSM alarm controller for industry applications with the simple commands and SMS tunnel function, and power can be input by the external power or Li-Battery. It supports UNICODE or 7 bit format for users to implement sending SMS messages with various languages. Except for supporting SMS alarm applications, it can provide the sound alarm application when the DI and AI events are triggered with the pre-defined voice files. In addition, the DTMF(Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) function of the GT-534 is for the applications with the keypad of phones to control the local I/O. Therefore, the GT-534 can be a remote control and alarm system allowing you to use your mobile phone to monitor and control your business from any location, and itíŽs more flexible that PLC/PAC/PC can via the GT-534 to send SMS or call out through RS-232 or RS-485. Moreover, with the SMS DBS(Database System) software, users can manage these SMS messages of the GT-534 in PC centrally.

Besides, users can quickly install the GT-534 by GT-534 Utility without programming required. It is easy to use in Machine monitoring application, Vending machine monitoring system, UAV control room and Console-monitoring system. Other than those functions described above, the simple I/O linkage function of the GT-534 series can reach the real time control in the local field. It also has I/O data logger function which save I/O data in micro SD card.
  • Support 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Quad-band frequency
  • Support SMS DBS software to management the GT-534 in PC(
  • Support the pre-defined voice alarm to mobile phones
  • Identify ASCII or Unicode SMS Automatically
  • Support SMS Setting and Control
  • Support periodic counter SMS report
  • Support max. 140 ASCII Characters or 70 Unicode Characters
  • Max. 10 Default Phone Numbers
  • Support simple command to send SMS via RS232
  • Built-in Watch-dog Function
  • Record I/O data in Micro SD card up to 2 GB.
  • DO control by Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency of phones
  • Support DC +10 VDC ~ +30 VDC Power Input
  • Supports 3.7 V Li-ion Battery Backup
  • DIN Rail design
Application 1: Signal Alarm and SMS/Sound communication
Application 2: Home security
Application 3: Remote maintenance
Application 4: SMS Tunnel Communication
Related Products Comparison Table
Model Name CPU Flash SRAM RS-232
GPRS/GSM System I/O Alarm Micro SD Battery Backup Transparent Communication ASCII Command
GT-530 32 bit CPU 512 KB 32 KB 2 RS-232 850/900/1800/
1900 MHz
2 DO
10 DI
No Yes SMS Yes
GT-534 32 bit CPU 512 KB 32 KB 1 RS-232
1 RS-485
1900 MHz
6 DI
2 DO
1 AI
(SMS, voice)
Yes Yes SMS Yes
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