ICP DAS releases M2M OPC Server for G-4500 RTU seriesˇV NAPOPC.M2M DA Server v1.0
OPC is a kind of COM/DCOM technology which provides the bridge between the hardware manufacturers and software developers. In addition to the original NAPOPC Server of ICP DAS, we are now formally introducing NAPOPC.M2M DA Server for the M2M G-4500 RTU series products through the user-friendly interface of NAPOPC.M2M DA server, only make some simple configuration to apply M2M RTU applications in any software (iFix, InduSoft, Citect, LabViewˇK) which supports OPC protocol to communicate with these products. Therefore, the implementation of various M2M RTU applications becomes an easy way by using NAPOPC.M2M.
  • OS environment: Windows 2000 / XP
  • Support G-4500 RTU and M2M RTU series products
  • Support OPC 2.0 Data Access Standards
User-friendly Interface:
The NAPOPC.M2M DA Server provides an Explorer-style user interface. The left side region of IDE is the tree type structure showing equipments in the Device/Group/Tag tree structure; the right side region is the attribute description for each Group and Tag, all the attributes even those hidden in the setting up dialog box can be displayed in the table, clearly and conveniently. The up side region is a tool icon bar for the functions that been often used, user can see the graph to know the function of that icon and directly select the needed.
Auto search
NAPOPC M2M DA Server supports auto-searching for RTU devices, which are connecting to M2M RTU Center. That can help users to establish the OPC system unmistakably.
Real-time Monitoring/Controlling
Through NAPOPC M2M server, using ˇ§Monitorˇ¨ function can do the real-time monitoring/controlling for RTU devices.
Application Architecture
The M2M RTU Center is the M2M (Machine to Machine) management software of ICP DAS. The architecture is as following.
The detail information and downloading of the M2M RTU Center, please refer to: http://m2m.icpdas.com/m2m_rtu.html
NAPOPC.M2M DA Server and manual can be download from: http://m2m.icpdas.com/NAPOPC_M2M.html
More information about G-4500 RTU series, please visit the following site: http://m2m.icpdas.com/g-4500_rtu.html
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