M-4132: Like Being There, Providing Maintenance Service via Internet!
The internet has undoubtedly accelerated the spread of globalization. In the 21st century, globalized organizations use internet to pass information, promote products and control delivery. On the other hand, they let their customers to order and send feedbacks online. Now, producers and consumers can communicate and finish almost all their business via internet without leaving their desks.

However, some people can not enjoy such lives like that. The engineers of industrial equipment manufacturers always have to visit the spot when their customers call for technical support. Becuase the users of industrial equipments are usually unable to cope with the program problems by themselves, and this kind of problem is always hard to handle without being on the spot. The occurrence of this kind of problem indicates that it will cost a lot on the manufacturers¡¦ traffic expense and users¡¦ downtime lost, especially for those in different countries.

What if engineers can edit and maintain the program through the internet? ICP DAS provides such solutions for this kind of problem. By using the paired £gPAC-7186 PACs, a remote device can be linked to the manufacturer¡¦s computer by internet and let the maintainers diagnose, edit, debug and maintain its program. Even firmware updating is also available!

In figure 1 shown below, one £gPAC-7186 is connected to the manufacturer¡¦s computer and the other one is connected to the remote PLC of the equipment. By pair connection via the internet, the program of the PLC can be shown on the manufacturer¡¦s screen. The maintainer of the manufacturer can edit the program by local development tools or upload new programs to the PLC.
Figure 1
Besides, M-4132, a more advanced remote maintenance device, provides more convenient functions for manufacturers, such as one-on-many connection and audio function. Just like being on the spot, M-4132 can help engineers maintain and fix the programs of remote devices more efficiently.

In figure 2, with a computer and M-4132, the manufacturer can monitor the programs of many PLCs which have been linked by M-4132 or £gPAC-7186. Furthermore, the manufacturer can talk or broadcast by the voice streaming function of M-4132 and make the fixing tasks more efficient. Manufacturers can also edit the programs or upload data to the PLCs by paired M-4132 connection or M-4132-£gPAC-7186 connection.
Figure 2
Now, manufacturers can maintain remote devices as easily as doing it on the spot. Both these solutions reduce not only the traffic costs of the equipment manufacturers, but also the customers¡¦ lost of downtime. They redefine what we called ¡§maintenance service¡¨ and help equipment manufacturers to deal with customers¡¦ requirement promptly.

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