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SNMP Introduction:
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) - A protocol that enables a management station to configure, monitor, and receive trap (alarm) messages from network devices. The following figure is SNMP Management Structure.
SNMP Management Structure
SNMP solution for SCADA - InduSoft:
SNMP Agent is functioned in Indusoft for PC , WinPAC and ViewPAC platforms. Users can easily gather I/O or system information from Indusoft controllers ( like PC, WinPAC, ViewPAC íK ) via Internet to remote SNMP manager stations.
Features of SNMP in SCADA - InduSoft:
  • I/O status of InduSoft controller can be gathered via Internet by polling or inform actively (trap) mode to remote SNMP manager station.
  • Indusoft controller can be treated as a SNMP gateway to transfer the information including I/O and user-defined data to the SNMP manager station.
  • Any SNMP manager station can get I/O or system information of stations that run Indusoft.
  • Integrating I/O and Network information in SNMP manager station.
IWS SNMP User Manual / Demo for PC and WinPAC, please refer to:
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