Wireless Modem 

001 Q. What's different between SST-2400 and SST-2450?
002 Q. Which module are the SST external antenna(ANT-3,ANT-8,ANT-12P) using for? SST-2400 or SST-2450?
003 Q. Can you suggest the fastest setting way that I could test a pair of SST-2450 or SST-2400?
004 Q. We have an application where it is required to transmit RS-232 Signal from a host computer to another computer which is 20 Kilo Meters away. We need a wireless communication in this application.
005 Q.We have successfully used your SST2400Ext Radio Modems with Siemens S5 series PLCs. Now we want to use them with MODBUS devices. Kindly inform us whether the Radio Modems support / work with MODBUS ASCII / RTU Protocols.
006 Q.We needs 5km antenna for SST-900ext like what you have for SST-2400ext. Can we find it by ourself?