WinCon 8000 Compact Embedded Controller

001 Q. Which model of Wincon-8000 is my best choice?   
002 Q. What's the capacity of Muti-task in wincon-8000?   
003 Q. How to write a program to let Wincon-8000 communicating with other devices
     (Ethernet controller,I-7188EA,EN....) via Ethernet?
004 Q. After compiling , BMP image can't be placed in image or picture of VB form? 
005 Q. How to display my Local text (for ex: Traditional Chinese ..) in the UI of AP?   
006 Q. How to protect my critical data in CF Card?    
007 Q. What USB devices are supported by Wincon-8000 ? Should I need driver?    
008 Q. Can Wincon-8000 support ASP function?
009 Q. Dose Wincon-8000 support Modbus ? How can I realize Modbus on WinCon?   
010 Q. Does Wincon8000 support I-8073 modules? New! 
011 Q. Which conversion (regarding both byte order and bit order) does WinCon adopt? Big-Endian or Littlendian? New! 
012 Q. Does WinCon support JAVA? New! 
013 Q. I can not find the Modbus server program. Can you send me a copy of that. New! 
014 Q. What touch panels does WinCon Support? New! 
015 Q. Is WinCon CE or FCC approved? New! 
016 Q. Where to find "WinCon-8000 EVC4 sp1 SDK"? New! 
017 How to prevent WinCon entering idle mode or suspend mode?New!