I-7188E/8000E Software - VxComm

021 Q: What is ¡§Fixed baud rate¡¨ function in the VxComm Utility? NEW!
020 Q: How to wire a 5-wire tDS/tGW-712 with a 9-wire PLC?
019 Q: How to configure tGW-715 for converting from Modbus RTU (Master) to Modbus TCP (Slave)?
018 Q: How to program the PDS-700 and the PDS-8x1 device servers?
017 Q: How to download the Turbo C++ version 1.01 from the Borland web site and install it on a PC running a Windows operating system?
016 Q: How to enable DHCP protocol for the I-7188 series module?
015 Q: How to download the file to I-7188E or update the MiniOS7 image file?
014 Q: Is it possible to change the communication port on the protocol TCP/IP use for the internal network.
013 Q: How to open a virtual COM port that larger than "COM9" by calling CreateFile() Win32 API?
012 Q: How do I change the virtual COM port mapping on the fly without using the VxComm Utility?
011 Q: How to read data from DI0 - DI3 and write to DO0 - DO3 of 7188E3 (or 7188E4)?
010 Q:How about use 7188E as a client and connect to other server? The server can be a 8431 or another 7188E.
009 Q: Will the VxComm Driver allow the SetCommState( ) API to dynamically change the baud rate, data bits, parity and stop bits?
008 Q: How many bytes of the command that the Xserver can deal? How many bytes of the response  that the Xserver can return/send to clients?
007 Q: What's the difference between 8KE10.exe(default firmware for 8430/8830) and Demo36.exe (default firmware for 8431/8831) ?
006 Q : When I download my program into the 7188E/8000E and run it, the 7188E/8000E is not woking suddenly.But when I download other demo program into the 7188E/8000E, it can run properly.
005 Q : Why does the 7188E/8000E work well on the local private network, but fails on the (public) Internet ?
004 Q : Does the performance of a RS-232/485 device become faster when it move into the Internet/Ethernet network?
003 Q : Why does the VxComm Driver(PC) cannot receive data from the 7188E/8000E?
002 Q : Does the VxComm Driver(PC) supports auto-reconnection after fixing a network break ?
001 Q : Does the VxComm Driver(PC) v2.00 work with the VxComm Server(7188E/8000E) v2.6.00 ?