001 Q.I have a I7060 module and a MMICON in the same RS-485 Network. My problem is that the I7060 work perfectly , but with the MMICON it can't work. I use the VB MSCOMM control to change the signal and with the protocol analizer I see that the frame is correctly send but the MMICON doesn't responde me, but the I7050 work perfectly. If I use the RS232 comport, using a converter for rs232 to rs485, everything work ok. Because I don't use the rtssignal
002 Q. Application :   1 pc. 7188XC + X105.  8 DInputs.  /    2 pc. MMICON.
When one of the inputs is active we like to show a text on the MMICON display. So the 7188XC+X105 will be a master who sends command to the MMICON units by using a RS485 messages. Can we use from de demo programms the X105 and the ECHO485 examples and rebuild their source to a new C++ source?