001 Q1 : What is Indusoft ?
002 Q2 : Does it need any other software when indusoft project runs in the WinCon?
003 Q3 : How much time does users spend to learn indusoft?
004 Q4¡GIs Indusoft License able to upgrade?
005 Q5¡GIs Indusoft Runtime License able to upgrade in the WinCon?
006 Q6¡GCan Users develop indusoft project by 4000 indusoft license ( Operator
WorkStation ) and run it in the W-8x39 with 1500 indusoft license CEView
Stardand ) ?
007 Q7¡GWhat kind of license version in InduSoft?
008 Q8¡GWhat is the difference between Development and Runtiem version of
009 Q9¡GCan Indusoft project be developed in CE platform?
010 Q10¡GWhy using Indusoft SCADA software to build your project ?
011 Q11¡GHow to recovery the InduSoft License in the WinCon-8000?
012 Q12¡GHow to know what version of InduSoft DCON Driver?
013 Q13¡GHow to transfer *.hst to*.txt?
014 Q14¡GHow to execute Indusoft project when PC boot on ?
015 Q15¡GHow to update Indusoft Version on the WinCon?
016 Q16¡GHow to show Full Screen when indusoft run?
017 Q17¡GHow to share data when using ISaGRAF and Indusoft on the WinCon?
018 Q18¡GHow to supervise the indusoft project by browser on PDA?
019 Q19¡GHow to know if the devices work well?
020 Q20¡GHow to speed up the DI and AI scan time when using DCON modules in Indusoft?
021 Q21¡GHow to supervise the indusoft project by browser on other PC?
022 Q22¡GHow to send SMS ( Short Message Service ) in indusoft?
023 Q23¡GIs there any reference book about indusoft to help users learn it?
024 Q24¡GIs Camera able to integrated in indusoft to achieve video control?
025 Q25¡GHow to integrate network camera ¡V IDView in indusoft?
026 Q26¡GHow to print the indusoft screen when indusoft runs on the WinCon?