I-7000 Remote I/O 

001 Q. How to start and install the 7000 modules ?
002 Q. How to get the 7000 modules dimension?
003 Q. How to program the 7000 modules ?
004 Q. What programming language can be used ?
005 Q. Can the baud rate be changed?
006 Q. Can the checksum of the command string be enabled?
007 Q. How to calculate the checksum ?
008 Q. What¡¦s the syntax of the command string ?
009 Q. Can I use the 7000 module in the RS-232C network ?
010 Q. Can the 7000 be used as a full duplex RS-485 system ?
011 Q. Who handle the direction of two-wire RS-485 network ?
012 Q. Can I use the 7000 in the conventional 4-wire RS-485 network ?
013 Q. How can the 7000 modules identify the correct command ?
014 Q. When to use repeater in the RS-485 network?
015 Q. What is the maximum scan rates in the RS-485 network?
016 Q.I want to use Modbus or Modbus TCP/IP protocol to connect to I-7000 & I-87K remote I/O modules. How ? 
017 Does the I-7000/M-7000 modules support the parity communication (N81, N82, E81, O81)?