I-8000 Controller

001 Q: How to get counter value built in I-7000 & I-87xxx remote I/O modules ? 
002 Q: How to search I/O boards and declare variables automatically for I-8xx7 controllers ? 
003 Q: How to build a HMI screen by using ISaGRAF ?
004 Q : Can I create my own functions inside ISaGRAF ?
005 Q: Can I use more than 32 I/O in my ISaGRAF project if I don't have ISaGRAF-256 or ISaGRAF-L ?
006 Q: Can I use ISaGRAF controller (I-8417/8817/8437/8837, I-7188EG/XG) as a Modbus Master controller to gather data from other Modbus devices ?
007 Q: Can I write my own protocol or third-party protocol to apply on ISaGRAF controllers ?
008 Q: What is the limitation of program size of I-8417/8817/8437/8837, I-7188EG & I-7188XG ?
009 Q: Can not fine I/O boards in the ISaGRAF I/O connection window ?
010 Q: Print function only can print 256 bytes or it will caused unknown code error in MiniOS7 Controller. How to solve it?