Introduction :

7188xw.exe/7188x.exe is the PC side utility for modules using the ICP DAS MiniOS7. It is the Win32 version of 7188x.exe. For 7188x.exe just can use the standard COM PORT(RS-232) of PC, But on Win32 systems(WIN95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP) also have RS-232 port use PCMCIA or USB interface, 7188x.exe can not use these devices, so need the program 7188xw.exe. Using RS-232 ports of PC link to the modules using MiniOS7. 7188xw.exe in basically is a terminal program. It send out the data that user key-in to COM port, and show the data received from COM port on the screen of PC. The main function for 7188xw.exe is to DOWNLOAD files to the MiniOS7 system.

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7188XW command List

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