Introduction :

7188E.exe is a PC side utility which provides essential commands for, and the ability to download programs to the ICP DAS products. (including the 7188E series and the8X3X series).

7188E.exe is the Win32 console version and is basically a terminal program used to send data that the user keys into the Ethernet, and displays data received from the Ethernet on the PC screen.

Note: The user must first download the firmware file 'Vcomxxxx.exe' or the user programs based on the Xserver to the 7188E,and run them before using the 7188E.exe file.

Please refer to 8000CD\Napdos\7188e\MiniOS7\doc\eng\minios7\os7cmd_loaddir.htm or
http://ftp.icpdas.com/pub/cd/8000cd/napdos/minios7/document/lib_manual_for_7188e/eng/minios7/os7cmd_loaddir.htm for information on how to download the file

Please download related files from our WEB site
7188E command List

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